Burn List – August 2016

Burn List - August 2016

The month of August holds fond memories for me; long beach days, trips to the fair, ice cream sundaes, and preparing for the Fall. I like to save some of my favorite Summer candles for this month to bring back some of those distant memories. Here are the candles and wax melts I hope to burn through for August 2016.

  • Summer Boardwalk
  • Kettle Corn (melt)
  • Orange Dreamsicle (melt)
  • Banana Nutmeg Bread Pudding
  • Bourbon Butterscotch
  • Sparkling Amber
  • White Pumpkin (melt)
  • Sparkling Pear Riesling

I have no doubt that I’ll be able to burn through these 5 candles and 3 wax melts this month. I’m surprised at the lack of Summer wax melts I have left to melt at this point and won’t be surprised if I dig into my Fall stash early. I may also burn White Chocolate Apple occasionally throughout the month too. I’m excited to start getting back into warmer & comforting scents! What are you planning on burning this month? Share in the comments!

July 2016 Candle Empties

July 2016 Candle Empties

Where did July go?! While this entire year seems to be moving at warp speed, this past month really went by in the blink of an eye. Rhode Island was abnormally hot these past few weeks, but I was still able to go through my entire burn list and then some. Here is my complete list of empties:

July 2016 Candle Empties

Storm Watch (1-wick) – I really enjoyed this fresh scent! Imagine walking outside after a rain storm in the Summer – this is what Storm Watch smells like! I have already purchased a large jar since this is now a retired fragrance.

Watermelon Lemonade (3-wick) – By this point, we know what this sweet candied watermelon scent smells like; it’s only been re-packaged about 50 times. The burn on this version was great until the 1/2 way mark, then it got PWS and went straight on the melter.

Suntan (3-wick) – This smells exactly like Yankee Candle’s Sun & Sand. Otherwise known as traditional sunscreen. The burn life on this candle was impeccable; the best I’ve had in over a year! Too bad the throw was only a 5. If this scent wasn’t on sale for $6 I wouldn’t have picked it up.

Juicy Watermelon (2-wick) – If you know what a watermelon flavored Jolly Rancher tastes like, then you know what this candle smells like. I was very impressed with the burn life of this Yankee Candle and it even had a throw of about a 5. It started lightly sooting towards the end so I finished it on the warmer.

Summer Bonfire (3-wick) – I did a full review of this scent earlier in the month so all I’ll say is that this is an amazing fragrance to burn during the Summer. If BBW ever brought this back I would absolutely pick it up again.

Heirloom Tomato (2-wick) – This smelled EXACTLY like a vegetable garden growing in the Summer with notes of fresh tomatoes; this was very reminiscent for me. If the throw had been stronger than a 4 I would have picked up another. I’m excited to repurpose this jar though!

Snap Peas (1-wick) – If you are not a fresh scent person like myself, this is the perfect in-between. Snap Peas from BBW was both sweet and garden fresh making it the perfect Summer scent. I hope they release this again in the future because I will hoard it!

Black Sands (1-wick) – This scent from BBW was cologne meets aquatic; it smelled like a freshly showered man during the Summer. It took very long to pool out and had a throw of about 4. Tbh, if I hadn’t picked up this tester candle for $2.50 I would never have given this fragrance a try.

Krispy Kreme Original Glazed (1-wick) – This candle was SO light both on cold and when melting that I could hardly review it. What I could pick up on was a cheap knock-off of BBW Cinnamon Sugar Donut. For $1 from Dollar Tree I got what I paid for and would not recommend.

July 2016 Wax Empties

Tropical Pina Colada (wax melt) – Wow, this was a deliciously strong fragrance! It smelled EXACTLY like a pina colada and it definitely made me thirsty 😉 it was so good I actually burned through it in less than a week.

Wild Berry Cheesecake (wax melt) – The perfect berry scent that has ever been made. I thank the candle gods that this is available at Wal-Mart year-round.

Bonfire Beach (wax melt) – This is a dupe for BBW Summer Bonfire which I also reviewed earlier this month. I am so impressed with the throw of this Scentsy melt and the burn life. I have already hoarded more bars for Summer’s to come!

Fresh Baked Bread (wax melt) – This is a lighter scent that smells pretty odd alone. When it’s mixed with fresh scents, like Basil, it really blossoms into a delicious fragrance. I do have another melt in my stash ready for an Italian dinner night!

Basil (wax melt) – Kringle really named this melt accurately, it smells 100% like fresh basil. This went wonderfully with the Heirloom Tomato candle and mixed great with the Fresh Baked Bread wax. I have already stocked up a couple more of these too.

Storm Front (wax melt) – I was hoping this would be a dupe for Storm Watch, but it’s unfortunately not. It did have that similar freshness but was overpowered by the cologne notes. It performed great in the bedroom (lol) but I wouldn’t repurchase.

Vanilla Cone (wax melt) – Why didn’t I give this scent a try sooner?! It is the perfect combination of sugary vanilla and a salty waffle cone. It goes perfectly with BBW’s Boardwalk Vanilla Cone hand soap and their Summer Marshmallow body lotion. My only wish is that the melt lasted longer. I will definitely repurchase but in a different form.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough (wax crumbles) – This scent was just okay and pretty forgettable. It had a sweet note but also a very strong waxy undertone. I will not purchase this or anything else from Wax Crumbles again.

July 2016 Wallflower Empties

Watermelon Lemonade (wallflower) – Again, by this point we all know what this overdone fragrance smells like. I only got whiffs of these about 1-2 times a week which is a complete disappointment. Additionally the oil barely evaporated. I’m wondering if I need to replace my wallflower plugs – I’ve only had them for 6 months!

Overall I burned through 9 candles, 8 wax melts, and 2 wallflowers in July. In my opinion, that’s pretty impressive! This month was clearly all about the fruity and fresh scents and now I think it’s time to move on to some “warmer” options. What did you melt this month and which was your favorite? Share in the comments!

BBW Radiant Red Maple Dupe

BBW Radiant Red Maple Dupe

If you are candle crazy like myself, you already know that Bath & Body Works has begun testing their Fall collections. We all know that BBW is notorious for not re-releasing fan favorites so I’m ecstatic to see Cider Lane, Pumpkin Spiced Cheesecake, and Pumpkin Pie returning. However, my absolute favorite Fall candle, Radiant Red Maple, has not made a reappearance. With only one backup remaining, I became desperate to find something similar.

BBW Radiant Red Maple Dupe

Radiant Red Maple is one of those scents you either love or hate – I happen to be obsessed with it. If you never had the chance to sniff it last year, it smells like delicious fresh apples mixed with toasted marshmallow. It is definitely a unique combination but heavenly. If you are a fan of Marshmallow Fireside, then chances are you’d adore this fragrance too.

Before you get too upset that RRM isn’t returning, let me let you in on a little secret; I discovered a dupe from Scentsy! Their version of this amazing fragrance is called Apple S’mores and it is almost exactly identical. You get the same apple & marshmallow combination but there is a tad less smokiness. If I wasn’t smelling these two scents side by side I never would have detected any difference.

BBW Radiant Red Maple Dupe - Apple S'mores

I thank the candle gods that I was able to find a comparable option to Radiant Red Maple. If you were a fan like myself, you can definitely get your fix with Apple S’mores. I have already stocked up on enough wax melts and room spray to last me 2 years just in case Scentsy retires their fragrance too! 😉 What is your favorite Fall fragrance? Share your thoughts in the comments!

The Perfect Summer BBW Haul

The Perfect Summer BBW Haul

Within the last couple of weeks there have been several new collections at Bath & Body Works causing a lot of excitement. However, it’s not candles that are catching my eye in the newest Perfect Summer collection. For once I’m more interested in the hand soaps, body care, and hand sanitizers! Using an array of coupons with several transactions, here is what I’ve hauled.

The Perfect Summer BBW Soap Haul

The Perfect Summer hand soap collection might be my favorite of 2016 thus far. Lemon Buttercream is a beautiful bakery lemon scent that will be amazing for next Spring. Lakeside Afternoon is a nice fresh scent perfect for Spring/Summer in the kitchen. Finally Boardwalk Vanilla Cone is a delicious scent that smells exactly like creamy vanilla ice cream inside of a waffle cone. I have stocked up quite a few back ups of these scents as they’ve quickly become new favorites.

The Perfect Summer BBW Shark Accessories

I normally don’t purchase too many of the BBW accessories, but I couldn’t pass up the little sharks and the ice cream cone shower pouf! Seriously, look at the sponge sprinkles! I also am not usually the biggest fan of their pocket bacs due to the residue they leave behind, but these fragrances smell exactly like the soaps. Then finally we’ve got Beach Nights Summer Marshmallow body care. Holy crap. I am IN LOVE. To me, this smells like a dupe of Goose Creek’s Peanut Butter Sugar fragrance and I can’t get enough. I may have 3 body cream back-ups already…

The Perfect Summer BBW Body Care Haul

Before I knew how much I was going to love the rest of the Perfect Summer collection, I was mostly excited for these wallflowers. Funnel Cake smells like greasy fried fair food and I’m kind of obsessed. I really wish they had this in candle form – it is definitely different than Cinnamon Sugar Donut. Also, for some reason I am not a fan of the Pomegrante Lemonade 3-wick but really enjoyed how the wallflower smelled. Looking forward to seeing how these two fragrances warm up.

The Perfect Summer BBW Wallflower Haul

Last but not least, I did pick up some candles. Big surprise there, right? For some reason BBW released a small Fall preview at the same time as the Perfect Summer collection’s release. With these “new” scents being on sale, I picked up a couple of the beloved Pumpkin Spiced Cheesecake which is a favorite of mine. Then I FINALLY decided to pick up my very first Cinnamon Sugared Doughnut candle ever. I’m not sure why this has never interested me in the past but I think it’s time to give it a try.

BBW Fall Preview 2016 Candle Haul


I think it’s safe to say I’ve got an addition to BBW and I’m not even ashamed. Between new soap, body lotion, pocket bacs, shark accessories, and a couple candles my house is in desperate need of some organization. At least everything smells great though! 😉 I’m absolutely putting myself on a BBW ban until the Fall items are released in August. Have you fallen in love with anything in the Perfect Summer collection? Share in the comments below!

BBW Summer Bonfire Dupe

BBW Summer Bonfire Dupe - Scentsy Bonfire Beach - Melting With Michelle

Okay candle connoisseurs, I have an exciting dupe for you. Remember the Seaside Summer collection that Bath & Body Works released in 2015? It had some great scents and my personal favorite was Summer Bonfire. I’m not really surprised that it wasn’t brought back, but as I burn through my last candle I’ve been desperate for something similar.

BBW Summer Bonfire Dupe

If you’ve never smelled Summer Bonfire, it essentially smells like Marshmallow Fireside mixed with salted caramel. The caramel is extremely light but the saltiness is on par with that traditional marshmallow fireside. Since SB is so unique, it has taken a while to find anything that compares. That was until I made my first Scentsy purchase at least.

When I came across the fragrance Bonfire Beach on their site, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to try it out. The scent descriptions were almost identical! What a happy surprise it was to receive the Scentsy bar and smell the similarities. After melting BB and SB simultaneously I can safely say this is an almost exact dupe. BB has all the same unique notes BUT with a heavier citrusy fresh layer.

BBW Summer Bonfire Dupe - Scentsy Bonfire Beach - Melting With Michelle

I think I actually like Bonfire Beach more due to that added freshness. I will absolutely be stocking up on these wax melts from Scentsy and recommend any other Summer Bonfire fans do the same! Were you a fan of Summer Bonfire? Share your thoughts in the comments!

First Scentsy Score

First Scentsy Score

During June, there were a couple unofficial lists of Fall scents testing and coming back to BBW. My absolute favorite, Radiant Red Maple, never popped up on any of these lists. I started really freaking out because I never bothered to buy more than one in 2015 and couldn’t find it during SAS. So when I heard that Scentsy had an exact dupe, I clearly had to give it a try.

I’ve known about Scentsy for quite some time, but the higher prices and consultant based shopping always turned me off. Finding out about the RRM dupe was a total game changer though. My fiancé and I browsed the site, and purchased a small haul of things to try out.

First Scentsy Score - Apple S'mores - Radiant Red Maple Dupe

I purchased three Scentsy bars – 2 Apple S’mores (the dupe) and 1 Bonfire Beach. To my delight, Apple S’mores smells EXACTLY like Radiant Red Maple. Bonfire Beach is pretty comparable to BBW Summer Bonfire with a bit more freshness and citrus. I’m excited to see how strong this brand’s fragrance throws soon and will definitely give a more in-depth review.

We also purchased a Scentsy Buddy – a cuddly stuffed animal that holds fragrance packs. The company was offering a shark buddy that we couldn’t pass up, especially since it came with a free scent pack! After asking Norma’s FB group which scents I should try out, Luna was a clear winner. Luna is a very fresh & floral, almost soapy, scent which is enjoyable. I’m really impressed with the quality of the Scentsy buddy and how well the fragrance comes through.

First Scentsy Score - Steve the Shark - Scentsy Buddy

Even though I only did a mini haul, I can understand the hype around Scentsy. I’m obviously going to be stocking up big time on the Radiant Red Maple dupe and getting more scent packs for my shark buddy soon! 😉 Have you ever purchased anything from Scentsy and if so, what’s your favorite scent? Share in comments!


Rare Finds at Foxwoods

Rare Finds at Foxwoods

Happy 4th of July! To the wax community this great holiday is also signifying the final day of SAS for both Bath & Body Works and Yankee Candle. I don’t know about you but I’m ready for these sales to be over, BBW especially had a disappointing selection in my region. The best purchase I made was actually during the last week of the sale and I am so excited to show you what I found.

I ended up at Foxwoods casino, which surprisingly has a BBW outlet, and there was a beautiful table of overflowing candles. All the usual spring/summer scents and a ton of last winter’s fragrances. Nothing was especially catching my eye at first, but then I saw it. The super rare test candle Key Lime Pie just sitting there waiting for me to buy it.

Rare Finds at Foxwoods - BBW Key Lime Pie Test Candle

There ended up being 4 Key Lime Pie candles hidden on this table and I bought them all. No shame. I’ve since gifted one to my BFF and we both have been going crazy over this treasure. If you’ve ever smelled Yankee Candle’s Key Lime Pie and Vanilla Lime candles, BBW found the perfect balance between the two. Add in a hint of graham cracker crust and it’s just heavenly. The best part? These rang up at 75% and I had a coupon bringing the price to a little over $4 each.

This location also had a small selection of mini Fall candles. I was ecstatic when I saw Pumpkin Pie sitting there – I’m terrified this won’t make a comeback for 2016. I ended up picking up 5 of these little guys and they came to a little over $1 each. SCORE! (Finally.)

Rare Finds at Foxwoods - BBW Pumpkin Pie

When the $10 candle sale popped up later in the week I decided to head back to Foxwoods and try my luck again. This was the only store that had a half-decent selection so the trip was totally worth it. I ended up getting 5 candles (pictured at beginning of post) for $6 each after coupon.

I’m happy that SAS is over so we can begin to discover upcoming collections. (I especially can’t wait to find out what Fall test candles come out in the next week!) At least now I know which BBW location I should head to first for future sales. What was your best score during SAS? Share in the comments!

Burn List – July 2016

Burn List - July 2016

Okay confession time – I have over 100 candles. I seriously need to de-stash, especially before we move later this Fall! To try burning through as much as possible, I’m going to begin posting a “to burn” list at the beginning of each month. Here is what I hope to burn through for July 2016.

  • Tropical Pina Colada (melt)
  • Watermelon Lemonade
  • Juicy Watermelon
  • Wild Berry Cheesecake (melt)
  • Storm Watch
  • Suntan
  • Summer Bonfire
  • Bonfire Beach (melt)
  • Heirloom Tomato
  • Basil (melt)
  • Snap Peas

I know this list might seem unrealistic, but a few candles have been previously burned which will hopefully assist in accomplishing my goal. The only candle I don’t expect to fully get through is Heirloom Tomato and I’m fine with that. I’ll also be burning Tailgating occasionally throughout the month, but that’s another I won’t finish. What are you planning on burning this month? Share in the comments!


June 2016 Candle Empties

June 2016 Candle Empties

Even though June was a hot month in Rhode Island, that didn’t stop me from burning through a good chunk of my stash! The summer solstice definitely influenced what I was burning and I ended up melting 7 candles, 6 wax melts, and 2 wallflowers. Here is the complete list of empties:

June 2016 Candle Empties

Midnight Blue Citrus (3-wick candle) – I posted an in-depth review of this at the beginning of the month so I won’t go into too much detail now. Long story short, this was the perfect candle to kick-off my Summer seasonal burns. I really enjoyed it while it lasted but I don’t necessarily need it in my collection.

Island Margarita (3-wick candle) – I really liked this scent on cold in the store and figured it would help get me in the Summer spirit. I actually really didn’t like this candle when burning though. All I could smell was the salted rim of a tropical drink and it just put me off. My fiancé enjoyed it though so when it got puny wick syndrome, I finished it on the warmer. I’ll never repurchase this scent in any form again.

Bahama Fizz (3-wick candle) – This was one of the first candles that started my obsession back in 2012 & I made my first tarts with it. You could almost smell the rum mixed into this fruity fragrance! If BBW ever re-released this I’d probably pick it up again.

Mocha Latte Swirl (3-wick candle) – This is my favorite coffee fragrance to date and I’ve been working on this candle for several months now. It’s the perfect mix of bitter espresso, creamy caramel, and a hint of cocoa. I have hoarded several more already!

Summer Trio (1-wick candle) – This trio candle from Yankee included Summer Scoop, Merry Marshmallow, and Salted Caramel. I loved that it looked like neopolotin ice cream but hated that it barely threw. This definitely was far from my favorite.

Watermelon Lemonade (1-wick candle) – A tried and true scent that we all know and love. I’ll always repurchase but never hoard it.

Seashore (1-wick candle) – Another scent I picked up back in 2012 and really enjoyed this past month! It had a slight undertone of suntan lotion but blended perfectly with salty beach air. It really reminded me of my high school beach days 😉

June 2016 Wax Empties

Fresh Pulled Taffy (wax melt) – This was a scent I was SO excited about. It was a beautiful balance of sea salt, caramel, and strawberry. The melt was very sweet but didn’t throw. I could barely smell this in my small bedroom which was a major disappointment. Glad I gave it a try but won’t repurchase due to the performance.

Sevn’ Up Pound Cake (wax crumbles) – For the past 2 months, I’ve been searching for the perfect lemon-lime scent and this is it! Not only is the balance between citrus and bakery notes done SO well, but you even get a slight fizziness mixed in. I honestly can’t get enough and am thinking of doing a major haul next time Wax Crumbles is stocked!

Blueberry Cheesecake (wax melt) – This is an exact dupe of Wild Berry Cheesecake and the throw was equally amazing. I’ll stick with WBC in the future though due to accessibility and wax texture.

Peanut Butter Sugar (wax melt) – YUM! I also posted an in-depth review for this lovely scent a couple weeks ago. Without too much detail, this was the perfect balance of salty peanuts, warm vanilla, and a waffle cone. Will repurchase forever.

Country Breakfast (wax melt) – This was a nice scent to burn on weekend mornings. It had notes of maple syrup, vanilla, cinnamon, and a hint of apple. While it was pleasant enough, I’m not in a hurry to repurchase.

Watermelon Patch (wax melt) – I love anything and everything watermelon during the Summer. This was an equally delicious fruity scent but definitely had a grassy note mixed in. Compared to other fragrances on the market this was a refreshing & unique blend. I still have plenty other watermelon candles to get through next month though so I’ll hold off on repurchasing.

Caribbean Escape (wallflower) – A great fruity scent that got me in the mood for Summer, but I could barely smell it. This is a Slatkin era version and had trouble evaporating.

Bahama Fizz (wallflower) – Another Slatkin era wallflower that I could hardly smell and barely evaporated. So over it!

Out of everything I melted this past month, Sevn’ Up Pound Cake was my absolute favorite scent! I’ve gotten through the majority of my fruity fragrances and am looking forward to burn some other favorites in my collection next month. What did you melt this month and which was your favorite? Share in the comments!

Fragrance Review – Peanut Butter Sugar

Goose Creek Peanut Butter Sugar Fragrance Review

I am super late to jump on the Goose Creek bandwagon but am nevertheless happy to have discovered the brand. Since placing my first order in April, I’ve melted 5 different scents and each have been enjoyable. My favorite fragrance from Goose Creek so far is Peanut Butter Sugar. While this isn’t anything new, it’s an amazing discovery that has made it’s way into my all-time favorite scents.

What does this smell like? Together warm vanilla, salty peanuts, and a “buttery” bakery note are combined which results in a deliciously sweet scent. The balance of fragrances is divine and I haven’t smelled anything similar elsewhere. Overall appeal is an 8 on cold but 10 when burning.

Goose Creek Peanut Butter Sugar Fragrance Review

Does it throw? I first tried out this scent in my office area where it only threw around a 4. Disappointed, I stopped burning it for a few weeks. I gave it another chance in my bedroom and what a different it made. In this smaller confined space Peanut Butter Sugar threw around a 9.

This salty-sweet fragrance is getting filed into my 2016 favorites. I will absolutely be re-purchasing more wax melts during the next sale and may even try my first Goose Creek candle in this scent! Have you ever burned Peanut Butter Sugar? Share your thoughts on this scent in the comments!