Burn List – August 2016

Burn List - August 2016

The month of August holds fond memories for me; long beach days, trips to the fair, ice cream sundaes, and preparing for the Fall. I like to save some of my favorite Summer candles for this month to bring back some of those distant memories. Here are the candles and wax melts I hope to burn through for August 2016.

  • Summer Boardwalk
  • Kettle Corn (melt)
  • Orange Dreamsicle (melt)
  • Banana Nutmeg Bread Pudding
  • Bourbon Butterscotch
  • Sparkling Amber
  • White Pumpkin (melt)
  • Sparkling Pear Riesling

I have no doubt that I’ll be able to burn through these 5 candles and 3 wax melts this month. I’m surprised at the lack of Summer wax melts I have left to melt at this point and won’t be surprised if I dig into my Fall stash early. I may also burn White Chocolate Apple occasionally throughout the month too. I’m excited to start getting back into warmer & comforting scents! What are you planning on burning this month? Share in the comments!

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