Fall Fun Series | All About Apple

Fall Fun Series | All About Apples

In case you missed it in my most recent burn list, I’m dedicating the entire month of September to apple everything! When I think of the start of Fall my mind immediately goes to orchards, cider, apple crisp, and my favorite candles. It didn’t occur to me until last year how much I actually loved apples until I had a look at my stash and there were significantly less pumpkin fragrances. In honor of this lovely autumnal fruit, I’m going to be sharing my all-time favorite apple items with you!

Fall Fun Series | All About Apples | Favorite Apple Candles

My top 3 apple scented candles all come from Bath & Body Works; Leaves, Cider Lane, and Radiant Red Maple. I always start off September with Leaves which smells like a honeyed apple cider. Then I move onto the deliciously sweet caramel apple fragrance, Cider Lane. I unfortunately only have one more Radiant Red Maple in my collection and refuse to burn it since BBW hasn’t brought it back, but it’s a lovely blend of apples and marshmallow.

Fall Fun Series | All About Apples | Favorite Apple Wax Melts

I always enjoy amping up my candles with corresponding wax melts and these 3 just happen to be my favorites when it comes to apples. Apple S’mores is an exact dupe for Radiant Red Maple so I luckily can still enjoy the scent. Unfortunately Scentsy just retired this but if you can somehow still get your hands on it, do it! A great dupe for Cider Lane that’s available all year is Goose Creek’s Caramel Applewood. Finally, ScentSationals Warm Apple Pie is an amazing bakery scent with undertones of apple that’s absolutely divine.

Fall Fun Series | All About Apples | Favorite Apple Body Care

The only apple scented body care I’ve ever enjoyed was released from Bath & Body Works last year. Don’t let the name Pumpkin Apple Cider fool you. It’s a straight up mix of apple cider and apple pie that is absolutely incredible. I’m so sad I only have one body cream left and might just head on over to Ebay for some more, it’s that good!

If you live in New England or have ever visited in the fall, you’ll understand why I’m a bit addicted to apple scents. Everything I’ve shared today just embodies Autumn in my area. These scents bring me back to apple picking on a crisp day and the aroma of sweet treats at my local art festival. In my opinion, there’s honestly nothing better than these holy grail apple fragrances of mine! 😉

What is your favorite apple scented candle? Share in the comments below!

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Julie Johnson

Leaves. Yes. I need to get my tail over to BBW and grab one of those. I am burning a nice apple candle from Cellar Door called October Road that I will be reviewing here in the next couple weeks. I am really loving the indie vendor candles right now. So many fun shops to try out. <3

I love your photos. And that BBW body care scent sounds amazing.


Leaves is such a classic! I can’t wait to read your review for October Road, I’ve wanted to get into vendor wax but just don’t know where to start!

Amanda C.

Great apple post! Leaves is my most favorite fall scent! I definitely love Cider Lane as well, and I haven’t been able to get a Radiant Red Maple candle but I remember it smelled amazing when I sniffed it last year. That Warm Apple Pie wax is great! Have you tried Scentsationals Applewood and BHG’s Farm Apple Pumpkin? I think you’d really like those.


Thanks, Amanda! BBW has really done some great fall scents in the past, thank god they continue bringing most of them back. For some reason on cold, Applewood didn’t grab my attention however Farm Apple Pumpkin is really great! 🙂

Jay Sheldon

Autumn in New England has to be perfection. I can’t handle most caramel scents, but I enjoy apples and leaves (in Leaves) and Yankee’s Autumn in the Park. I will try to get my hands on some Apple Smore’s, there’s a Scentsy vendor who does the local Apple Cider Festival next week, I’ll be checking his stall for it since I’ve seen you rave about this scent for a least a year:)


Ahh I hope you can get your hands on it!! 😀 Also, an apple cider festival sounds AMAZING!

Sandra Lewrey

Ha, we are at complete opposites in terms of apples – I overdid it to such an extent last year, I hardly have any apple-y items now. This year I plan on blowing myself out on pumpkin scents. 🙂 Nice post – as always, your pictures are so nice.


Thank you so much, Sandra! Years back I totally overdid the pumpkin scents which is probably why I’m apple crazy now haha


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