Fall Fun Series | Autumn Aromas

Fall Fun Series | Autumn Aromas

There is nothing better than the atmosphere in Autumn, except maybe bringing it indoors. Of course you can decorate your home with the golden colors and harvested fruit, but to really round out the experience you need to add the aromas too. While it’s extremely difficult to narrow down my absolute favorite fall fragrance, I think I’ve determined my go-to scent for the season to share with you.

My most-loved Autumn candles are primarily apple and pumpkin scents which is no surprise. If I’m really trying to narrow it down though, I’d have to admit I prefer the apple fragrances over pumpkin because they can be so much more versatile based on what notes they’re mixed with. Out of all the apple wax in my collection, the best has to be Cider Lane from Bath & Body Works.

Fall Fun Series | Autumn Aromas - Cider Lane

With notes of caramel, granny smith apple, and brown sugar it is such a comforting fragrance that can be enjoyed from September through November.

Other noteworthy fragrances that just about made the cut are Leaves from Bath & Body Works and Harvest Moon from Scentsationals. Really though, any candles or wax that appeared in my fall collection were runners up!

Fall Fun Series | Autumn Aromas - Autumn

One fall fragrance I’ve never been able to fully appreciate though is Autumn from Bath & Body Works. It smells of fresh apples and pine trees; in theory this should smell like a crisp day. However, it airs too much on the side of a cologne scent and reminds me too much of Christmas. It’s definitely one of my least favorite candles that returns every year and the only reason I have one is for the beautiful packaging.

One of the main reasons I love candles so much is because of the memories they invoke. Whenever I burn Cider Lane, I am brought back to the first months of dating my fiancé. It is a happy place that reminds me of simpler times and really helps me to relax. I hope you all are able to bring this sort of Autumn aroma into your home this season too!

What is your favorite Autumn candle? Share in the comments!

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Julie Johnson

I have not had Cider Lane in ages, I need to fix that. I did just pick up my first Leaves candle of the season and a new to me one called Peppered Plum that my daughter and I fell for. Is Autumn the same as Autumn Day per chance? The wax vendors have an Autumn Day BBW dupe and it is awful… way too harsh and astringent for my nose. Just curious.


Leaves is always another favorite of mine but I couldn’t get into Peppered Plum, looking forward to hearing your thoughts on it! Autumn is not Autumn Day, but having burned AD in the past, I can understand how it may come off as astringent.


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