September 2017 Candle Empties

September 2017 Home Fragrance Empties

September seriously flew by! We had visitors for a good portion of the month and went crazy finalizing wedding details. Between all of the stress I was still able to get through my entire burn list though! This month, I burned 5 candles and 11 wax melts.

September 2017 Candle Empties

Leaves (3-wick) A classic cider scent we all know and love. This year’s version burned beautifully until there was 1/3 left and then it went on the melter. At first this gave me a migraine with it’s strength but after a while the intensity faded out. Not one you’d ever need to stock up on because it returns every year without fail.
Leaves (1-wick, x2) The tester candles can really be hit or miss and in this fragrance it was a miss. They were practically unscented even when put on the melter.
Cider Lane (3-wick) A beautiful caramel apple blend that is one of my absolute favorites. Unfortunatley, the 2017 version was lighter than the past and got a funky smell when burning. When put on the melter it lasted for a couple more days and was a bit stronger.
Warm Apple Pie (1-wick) Notoriously a light scent that didn’t let me down with it’s reputation. Around the half-way point it threw around a 2 which was it’s strongest point. Great scent, would never repurchase.

September 2017 Wax Empties

Apple Butter On cold this was extremely disappointing because it smelled like an apple chap stick. When melting though it transformed and a luxurious creamy note came out making it quite enjoyable. Still not something I’d buy again though as there are other scents I like more.
Welcome – Have you ever made play-doh out of Kool Aid? Because that’s what this smells like when melting; a fruit punch DIY play-doh that’s heavy on the apple. Not what I want to be smelling at all.
Honey Crisp Cider (x2) A straight up dupe for Leaves with a hint more woodiness. A great melt to have on hand to amp up the candle!
Harvest Moon (x2) If Leaves and Cider Lane were mixed together this would be what it smelled like. When melting it was definitely heavier on the CL nuances and I wasn’t upset about it at all. Go hoard this!
Cider House Donuts – A cinnamon sugared donut scent with some apple cider spices mixed in. It was definitely on the lighter side being a year old but still delicious while it lasted.
Apple Cider Donut – Compared to the Scentsationals version, this smelled much more realistic but was heavier on the cinnamon. After the scent was gone, you could still get whiffs of bakery cinnamon for a few more hours.
Caramel Applewood – Goose Creek’s version of Cider Lane that was very nice to melt alongside the candle. I probably won’t pick up anymore of these in the future though because I’m not a fan of the soft wax formula.
Apple S’mores – This is Scenty’s dupe for Radiant Red Maple that you’ve heard me talk about non-stop this month. Two cubes last 2-3 days and I am so happy I stocked up before they discontinued this scent!
Warm Apple Pie – An absolutely divine pie fragrance that is heavier on the crust note than the filling which I am totally okay with! I will buy this as long as Wal-Mart carried it.

September 2017 Fragrance Empties

Lakeside Sunrise (wallflower) My fiancé is obsessed with this fragrance but I’ve never been able to smell it. However, this wallflower really surprised me. It was fairly strong and I got whiffs of it all month long!
Leaves (wallflower) For a scent that is know to be extremely strong and induce migraines, the wallflower is so light it’s practicallyundetectable. It’s really unfortunate and I hope BBW eventually works on the formula in this form.
Cider Lane (wallflower) This form of Cider Lane was INCREDIBLE! The apple note wasn’t very prominent, but the unique caramel and vanilla blend was strong. If you’ve ever been to Mystic Village in CT this is exactly what the general store smells like. Highly recommend and I have stocked up like a mad woman!
Leaves (hand soap) Let’s be real here, this soap smells nothing like the iconic Leaves candle. That is until you are actually washing your hands. It’s odd that the scent activates at a certain point and I’m assuming that’s why it wasn’t brought back again this year.

The fall months are more about enjoyment rather than quantity when it comes to candles for me. I have an internal battle of wanting to downsize my stash but don’t want to burn through my favorite scents too fast! However, if I thought September went by fast, October is definitely going to go by in the blink of an eye with all of our upcoming plans. Stay tuned for more details!

What did you burn in September? Share in the comments!

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