November 2017 Candle Empties

November 2017 Empties

I really expected for November to be a relaxing month, yet it was anything but that. The month was such a whirlwind between going back to work full-time, continuing to freelance, and the Thanksgiving holiday. However, I did get to enjoy 6 candles & 5 wax melts when I had the time!

November 2017 Candle Empties

Pumpkin Pie (1-wick, x2) A true to life pumpkin scent with the addition of a delicious buttery crust! These tester candles were hands down the strongest I’ve ever had, especially when finished on the melter. BBW needs to bring this back next year!
Pumpkin Pecan Waffles (3-wick) Like usual, this was incredibly strong and threw all the way to the second floor of my house. It smells like a sweet cereal and I tended only to burn it in the morning until it got puny wicks and had to be put on the melter.
Sweater Weather (3-wick) A Bath & Body Works classic that smells like a crisp fall day and perfect for the cooler weather. This threw around a 7, was very enjoyable, and I will definitely be picking it up again next year!
Creamy Nutmeg (3-wick) True to it’s name this is a heavy nutmeg fragrance with a hint of cream, yet it was pretty light while burning. However, once I transferred it to the melter it threw wonderfully and the scent appeal actually improved as well. Not a favorite for me and if they ever brought it back I probably wouldn’t pick it up again.
Rustic Harvest (1-wick) – A repackage of Woodwick’s Autumn Glow from 2012 and it’s just as amazing as I remember it being! It truly smells like the epitome of fall; caramel, apples, and sugared pecans. It threw wonderfully and I would forever repurchase if this is brought back!

November 2017 Wax Empties

Autumn Leaves – A fresh Fall fragrance with undertones of apple and cinnamon that I adored last year and only just liked this year. This melt was super strong though and last well over 12 hours!
Hedwig – This was very heavy on the chai spices on cold, especially the clove. However, it transformed into the most beautiful spiced cheesecake fragrance when melting. There isn’t any crust note but it’s packed with creaminess. It’s an absolutely beautiful blend that I wasn’t expecting and will try to buy more when it’s available!
Praline Spice – On cold, this was a very spicy fragrance that I wasn’t sure if I’d enjoy. Upon melting it lost all of it’s spice and ended up smelling like a salted caramel scent which I am not a fan of at all. If you are one that enjoys salted caramel though, I suggest picking this up.
Cranberry Cookie Crumble – A deliciously sweet cranberry fragrance with the perfect amount of bakery added in. A definite favorite that Wal-Mart should seriously bring back!
Cranberry Oatmeal Cookie – Another delicious cranberry fragrance that is a little less sweet than the cookie crumble version but still equally amazing.

November 2017 Fragrance Empties

Creamy Nutmeg (wallflower, x2) The name really does perfectly explain this fragrance! While this was a pleasant aroma, these wallflowers weren’t strong at all. You got whiffs when walking by but that was about it.
Give Thanks (hand soap) I am seriously kicking myself for not hoarding this back in 2016 because this is BBW’s Pumpkin Pie candle in soap form! Not only does it smell incredible but the scent really lingered!
Marshmallow Pumpkin Latte (hand soap) A decent enough vanilla soap with a subtle hint of spice for the fall months, but nothing I’d go out of my way to purchase in the future.
Cozy Sunday Morning (body lotion) My all-time favorite body care fragrance from Bath & Body Works! I’ve tried savoring this lotion for years but am SO thankful to have purchased some backups on eBay last year!

November may have been a bit crazy, but the transitional scents were quite enjoyable! My favorite fragrance of the entire month was hands down Hedwig from Super Tarts! I’m really looking forward to begin burning more festive scents now and hope to get through a decent part of my stash!

What did you burn in November? Share in the comments!

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