Fall Fun Series | Festive Fall Tag

Fall Fun Series: All About Autumn | Festive Fall Tag
  1. Hi, melters! I’m super excited to announce that for the next few months I will be participating in a blogging series all about Autumn alongside a group of lovely ladies. When Jay from The Candle Enthusiast approached me about this opportunity I was absolutely thrilled! All together there are six of us who will be sharing our love for the fall season in themed posts every Saturday morning through the month of November. Before we dive into the first post, I wanted to introduce you to the other bloggers and encourage you to check out all of their posts as well!

Amanda at Thrifty Polished
Angela at Angela Kay
Jay at The Candle Enthusiast
Julie at The Redolent Mermaid
Sandra at Finger Candy

  1. Fall is such an atmospheric time of year and we all have different reasons to adore the season making this tag the perfect introduction to the series!

1. Have you ever participated in a fall blogging series? What are you most looking forward to this fall?

I do have another lifestyle blog where I’ve posted about fall-related things in the past, but never have I been part of an actual series. This fall I’m looking forward to getting married after being engaged for two years!

  1. 2. Crisp fall mornings or cozy fall nights?

That’s like asking me to choose between pumpkin spice coffee and curling up with a good book! I love both but if I HAD to pick it would be cozy fall nights.

  1. 3. When do you start decorating for fall?

I try to wait until September 1st but sometimes it’s too difficult to hold off! Like this year. My house has been decked out in autumn everything for the past week.

  1. 4. What is your favorite store to visit for fall goodies?

For decor I love visiting Hobby Lobby and for candle related items, Bath & Body Works.

  1. 5. If you had to get one fall-themed image tattooed on your body, what would it be? For extra points, where?

Believe it or not, I’m seriously considering getting a pumpkin tattoo. But it’s not as basic as you’re thinking! Being a graphic designer, I illustrated our wedding “logo” for our collateral and it’s two pumpkins connected by a heart shaped vine. This would symbolize so much more than my love for fall but I have no clue where to get it! Suggestions welcome πŸ™‚

Fall Series - Wedding Logo

  1. 6. Did you trick-or-treat when you were younger? What was the last costume you wore? What’s your dream costume (whether you actually got to wear it or not)?

I loved trick-or-treatnig so much as a kid I didn’t stop until I went to college, lol! Last year was the first time I’ve dressed up since then for a party though and I actually got to wear my dream constume – Hermione Granger.

  1. 7. Favorite fall home fragrance?

Being a candle addict, I obviously can’t choose just one. My favorite apple scents are Leaves, Cider Lane, and Radiant Red Maple. My favorite pumpkin scents are Pumpkin Spiced Cheesecake and Pumpkin Pie.

  1. 8. Best body care fragrance for fall?

My all-time favorite fall body care fragrance is Cozy Sunday Morning (Soft Chamomile & Bergamot) from BBW. They’ve of course never brought it back since it’s original 2015 release but thankfully I have some sprays still in my stash. If anyone has a dupe for that PLEASE let me know!

  1. 9. Must-have nail polish/perfume/makeup for the fall?

I’m not the biggest makeup/perfume fan but I do always need to have a deep red nail polish in my collection. My current favorite is Berry Naughty from Essie!

  1. 10. Favorite fall month?

October! That’s when we finally see foliage in my area, have ideal sweater weather, and see spooky Halloween decorations everywhere.

Fall Foliage

  1. 11. What’s the weather like where you live?

In Rhode Island, it’s currently still warm out but once it cools down later in the month it’s perfection.

  1. 12. Is pumpkin spice worth the hype?

Please don’t hate me for saying this, the answer is no. While I am obsessed with pumpkin flavoring, I don’t think it should have the hype it does. Pumpkin spice coffee from Dunkin? Yes please! Pumpkin spice gum? No thanks. Pumpkin spice M&M’s? Amazing! Pumpkin spice peanut butter? Yuck.

  1. 13. Favorite Thanksgiving food?

It’s a toss up between cranberry sauce, stuffing, and pumpkin pie. Can you tell I’m hungry?

  1. 14. Briefly describe your idea of a perfect fall day.

Wake up and have an iced pumpkin spice coffee (extra sugar, extra pumpkin – I’m weird, I know). Take a trip to a local farm and go apple picking. Do some baking with said apples once we get home. Then, finish off the day by opening up the windows and lighting a candle.

Hopefully you enjoyed learning a little more about me other than my usual candle picks. Don’t forget to check out the other girl’s posts too and special thanks to Sandra for our series photo!

I’d love to hear what your answers are to these questions – either write them directly in the comments or post a link to your own blog post!


Amanda C.

Glad to have you aboard! I love your tattoo idea; it’s a very pretty design and the meaning is so special. Perhaps on the back of the shoulder or the ankle? You just don’t want to end up with a pumpkin tramp stamp, haha!


Oh my gosh, that would be the definition of basic, haha! I like the ankle idea though, it’s either that or the wrist I think…

Jay Sheldon

Welcome to the FFS:AAA, Michelle! Seriously, so happy you’ve joined in, especially considering how busy you’ll be this season. Can’t wait to hear about all the lovely fall details that will comprise your wedding, if the pumpkin logo design is any indication. I like a sweet wrist tattoo, but that’s a personal choice you’ll have to live with, put it somewhere you want!
Wow, in my head Rhode Island has amazing scenery, are your autumns short and winters long, or do you get good bits of both?
Also, another HP costume, love it. Hermoine is my favorite of course<3


I’m so happy to be part of this series, Jay! Thanks again for offering to include me πŸ˜€

Autumn in RI usually lasts until early November and winter sticks around until March typically. I try to soak up as much Autumn weather as I can!


I love dressing up as Hermione. I have done it a few times. Having crazy curly brown hair helps. πŸ™‚ Welcome to the series! Excited to have you. Your pumpkin tattoo would be adorable. I think wrist tattoos are super cute. Congrats on your wedding!


Thanks, Julie! The more I’ve been thinking about the pumpkin tattoo I’m wondering if it’ll be too large for my wrist? I was also thinking of getting the 3 stars that appear on the classic Harry Potter chapter pages on my wrist…hehe πŸ˜‰

Sandra Lewrey

I love your little wedding graphic, it’s so cute! Yay, and a Fall wedding to look forward to – I was married in the Fall (actually on Halloween) and it’s a spectacular time of year. If you’re getting married at home, Rhode Island has gorgeous autumn weather, as you’re no doubt aware. πŸ™‚ Fingers crossed for no rain.

Your photos are so lovely – glad to have you and your blog on board. I think we’re going to have fun.


Thanks, Sandra! A Halloween wedding sounds AMAZING! I always thought if I did that I’d request all my guests to dress up πŸ™ˆ


Hi Michelle,you need to try Scentsy’s Gingerbread Donut. I wrote about it on my blog this morning. It’s amazing. You’d 😍 love it.


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