Burn List – August 2017

Burn List - August 2017

August is here which means it’s a transition month for me! The majority of my candle/wax collection is dedicated to warmer bakery fragrances that I typically burn from August-February. I can’t believe I’m already pulling out these scents but am so excited! This month I’m going to be focusing on warmer fruity combinations that still give off a summer vibe.


• Berry Waffle Cone – “Sweet summer berries, golden waffle cone, creamy vanilla”
• Funnel Cake – “Golden swirls of buttery pastry dusted with white powdered sugar”
• Pumpkin Banana Muffin – “Caramelized banana, pumpkin puree, walnut, cinnamon sugar”
• Summer Boardwalk – “Caramel-glazed popcorn, warm taffy-apples and salted, sweet cream”
• White Chocolate Apple – “A juicy, just-picked apple with a crisp coating of luscious white chocolate”
• Sparkling Pear Riesling – “California pears, riesling grapes, honeyed oak”


• Corpsman – “Graham crackers, pie crust and creamy zucchini bread”
• Sweet Plum Pastry – “Black plum and toasted coconut garnish a marshmallow cloud”
• Sweet Banana Bread – “Bananas, sugared pralines and buttered pecans folds into a sweet mix of whipped honey, caramel swirl, cinnamon and brown sugar.”
• At The Fair – Spiced caramel corn mixed with cider apple fritters
• Banner – “Warm buttery cornbread topped with creamy mac apple ice cream and brown sugar”
• Casting Spells – “A bewitching blend of apple drizzle, roasted pears and cinnamon bark”
• Whipped Vanilla Pear – “A luxuriant caramel glaze tops baked pear and whipped vanilla”

It’s pretty obvious that these are the types of fragrances that I truly enjoy and stock up on; I have corresponding melts that pair with each candle! Between the berry, banana, and fair food scents I know this is going to be a great month. If I have additional time I’ll also be burning Paradise Spice from YC too. I have no doubt that I’ll get through this list and am off to go light up my first candle pick!

What are you planning on burning this month? Share in the comments!

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