Burn List – November 2017

November 2017 Burn List

November is already upon is which means we are on the last leg of Autumn. I usually use this month as a transition into Winter and focus on scents that are reminiscent of cooler days spent outdoors. I begin moving away from pumpkin spice and dive more into the holiday spices. Without further ado, here are all of the different wax fragrance I plan on featuring in my home this month.


• Sweater Weather – “Fresh Sage, Juniper Berry, Aromatic Eucalyptus, Fresh Woods”
• Pumpkin Pecan Waffles – “Maple Syrup, Golden Waffles, Pumpkin Spice, Brown Sugar”
• Chestnut & Clove – “Warm Roasted Chestnuts, Fresh Ground Clove, Forest Pine Needles, Cedarwood”
• Rustic Harvest – “Creamy toffee, maple and raisins with subtle hints of rum”
• Creamy Nutmeg –Grated Nutmeg, Cinnamon Stick, Sugared Almonds, Creamy Vanilla”


• Autumn Leaves – “A vibrant medley of birch and maple leaves with pomegranate, juniper berry and orange blossom.”
• Hedwig – “Chai Tea, Creamy Cheesecake, and Clove”
• Praline Spice – “Cinnamon Bark & Vanilla Cream”
• Cranberry Oatmeal Cookie – “Sweet cranberry, cinnamon sugar, caramel swirl and buttered pecan into the heart of a sugar cookie.”
• Cranberry Cookie Crumble – “Ceamy oatmeal, fresh juicy red currant berries, butterscotch, farm-fresh milk notes, nutty almond and rich vanilla.”

Aside from the prominent juniper and cloves scents this month, I always associate cranberry with November because of Thanksgiving. I can’t believe the holidays are almost here – the wedding craziness certainly made this year fly by. I’m excited to get started though and am lighting Sweater Weather up right now!

What are you planning on burning this month? Share in the comments!

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