Massive Yankee Candle 2016 SAS Haul

Massive Yankee Candle 2016 Haul

What a nice surprise it was for us all to learn that YC was starting their semi-annual sale two weeks early! I had not mentally prepared for this. As a result, I ended up making not 1, but 3 SAS purchases in the matter of one day. While I clearly have a serious problem, I just couldn’t pass up the incredible prices and hard-to-find fragrances!

Yankee Candle SAS Haul

Haul 1 – Online Order – 75% off (Saved $125)

The first haul was all about accessories. I loved the Easter line and ordered the chick plate, candle shade, and matching tea light holder. For the holder, I got the pretty Pink Peony tea lights. Pictured above in the first image, I also bought the hanging pumpkin candle holder, two Christmas illuma-lids, and two falling leaf candle shades. Can you believe ALL of this came to $28?!

Yankee Candle SAS Haul

Haul 2 – Local YC Store – 50% off

After making my first SAS purchase online, I ended up heading to my local store to see if they had any of the rare fragrances in stock. I was SO happy to find Carrot Cake which is a beautiful bakery spice blend with a cream cheese note. I additionally found the holiday hurricane which matches the votive holders I picked up back in December. And because I couldn’t resist, I treated myself to a new car fragrance in Vanilla Lime.

Massive Yankee Candle 2016 SAS Haul

Haul 3 – Outlet YC Store – 5 for $50 (Saved $90)

White Chocolate Apple – I’ve seen this around for a while but never indulged. My fiancé begged me to give it a sniff in the store and I fell in love. This smells EXACTLY like a candy apple from either a Fall festival or Halloween. So lovely.

Merry Mint – This past holiday season I had my heart set on this fragrance, but never found it during a sale. I jumped for joy when I saw this in the store! It’s a milk chocolatey mint combination which is heavenly.

Key Lime Pie – I’ve been on the hunt for this retired fragrance the past couple of months and was ecstatic to find it. It’s a very tart lime scent perfect for late-Spring and Summer!

Tailgating – This is such a unique scent and was really hard to pass up. On cold, it smells exactly like an outdoor BBQ. Whenever I take a whiff I immediately think of hotdogs on the grill. This will be wonderful during the Summer months!

Candy Cane Lane – I’d heard some great reviews of this candle and it really is the perfect holiday mint! When I saw the abundance of oils gathered throughout the jar it went straight into my basket.

I think it’s safe to say that I’m officially on a wax ban! At least until BBW SAS of course. 😉 After this massive haul there’s definitely going to be a re-organization soon and maybe even a de-stash. What have you found during this SAS so far? Share in the comments!

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