May 2016 Candle Empties

Each year, May signifies the start of allergy season for me. This also means I usually go on a melting hiatus since I can hardly smell anything. With this in mind, I chose to burn through any half-used candles or scents I wasn’t too fond of this past month.

May 2016 Candle Empties

Winter (3-wick candle) – I burned through most of this back in December and it had puny wick syndrome. Rather than keeping this locked away for another 6 months, I finished it off on the melter. Despite it’s burn issues, this scent will always be a must-have for the colder months.

Marshmallow Fireside (3-wick candle) – Ahh, the amazing MF. The perfect balance of sweet and woodsy that I can’t get enough of during the winter months. This was another I used back in December and finished on the melter during May.

Red Velvet Cheer (3-wick candle) –  Another candle from Decemeber that had puny wick syndrome. A delicious scent that was finished off on the melter.

Banana Cream Cake (1-wick candle) – I’ve had this candle for years and was determined to finish it off at last. This only threw in my small kitchen and smelled exactly like a ripe banana. It was enjoyable while it lasted but I’m not upset that it’s a retired scent.

Mango Sorbet (1-wick candle) – This was a delicious fruity scent that I picked up from Target years ago. It only threw a couple days on the melter and I wouldn’t recommend if it ever popped up on shelves again.

Leaves (1-wick candle) – Another loved candle that was half-burned last Fall. I finished this off on the melter in my bedroom and it was great! It definitely has made me start counting down the days until September. 😉

May 2015 Wax Melt Empties

Blackberry Parfait (wax melt) – I was quite disappointed by this scent since it smelled more like cologne than fruit. I melted this in the bedroom and am happy to be done with it.

Strawberry Lemonade Cupcake (wax melt) – Another GC scent that I was happy to quickly burn through. It lacked the bakery and lemon notes so I was only left with a fake strawberry fragrance.

Archives (wax melt) – When I purchased this from Kringle, I was hoping it would remind me of old library books. It unfortunately was yet another cologne scent. I was impressed by the throw of it though.

Strawberry Cake (wax melt) – This was a birthday gift and not something I would’ve picked up on my own. Another fake strawberry scent that barely threw. Mixing this with Vanilla Cookie Crunch made it quite enjoyable though.

Blueberry Pancakes (wax melt) – I’ve realized that all of Crossroads wax melts pretty much only smell like wax on cold sniff. I’m always impressed once they’re melting though. This was a basic blueberry scent and when warm I could pick up on a maple syrup note. Not something I’d repurchase though.

Wild Berry Cheesecake (wax melt) – WOW. This scent is beyond amazing. I must always have at least 2 backups.

Vanilla Cookie Crunch (wax melt) – While this scent smells lovely on it’s own, it’s a GREAT blending option. Upon melting anything, I try it out with this to see if it’s elevated or not. I finally got through an entire value pack and will quickly be purchasing another!

Sleepy Sloth (wax crumbles) – When I placed an order with Wax Crumbles, this was the free sample it arrived with. I think this was meant to be a relaxing scent but I used it more when my allergies were bothering me. Not the biggest fan but I was happy to try it out.

Watermelon Lemonade (wax crumbles) – I was interested to see how Wax Crumbles version compared to BBW. This wasn’t as tart and did not throw well. I’d rather just stick with BBW.

May 2015 Wallflower Empties

Sugared Lemons (wallflower) – This was the same scent I had going in my living room wallflower plug last month. However, unlike in April, this didn’t perform well. I only got whiffs of it if I stood right above it.

Island Margarita (wallflower) – This might be the worst performing wallflower I’ve ever owned. I smelled it during the first week and then absolutely nothing. It lost it’s gorgeous green color and barely evaporated.

For a melting hiatus month, I sure did burn through quite a bit. I’m glad to have de-stashed some half melted favorites and other not so favorites. Now I’ll have room for the long awaited semi-annual sales this June! 😉 What did you melt this month and which was your favorite? Share in the comments!



Great blog! And great melts, I agree that vCC goes with everything! I just finished up banana cream pie not too long ago. Very yum!

Walter E

Those wild berry cheesecake cubes are amazing! My housemate has this one burning occasionally and I always try to come up with something that “coincidentally” I need to be in the same room.


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