Key Lime Pie – Candle Comparison

Key Lime Pie - Candle Comparison

Last year, I randomly wanted to burn a key lime pie scented candle. Of course, there weren’t any available on the market at that time which is probably why I really wanted the fragrance in my collection. Since then, anytime I come across a key lime pie candle I immediately purchase it without question. Now I’ve gathered 3 Key Lime Pie candles from different companies and naturally they all vary slightly. I thought it would be nice to give you a comparison if you’re ever in a similar situation of needing some key lime in your life.

Yankee Candle – Key Lime Pie from YC is extremely zesty with a hint of whipped vanilla, there really isn’t any crust note to balance it out. It’s really just a nice lime scent for the summer months.

Bath & Body Works – I luckily came across BBW’s failed test scent Key Lime Pie at an outlet and it smells more like a key lime cheesecake. You get the graham cracker crust that YC’s version was lacking, however, there is just something off in regards to the cream note.

Kohl’s – Surprisingly, this department store brand nailed their Key Lime Pie candle. It is EXACTLY what I wanted and imagined a KLP fragrance to smell like. You get the authentic graham cracker crust and the perfect blend of key lime and vanilla filling; it’s divine.

If you’re in the market for a nice key lime pie fragrance, I highly recommend stopping by your local Kohl’s and picking up one of their candles. Their version is the best out of any I’ve had the chance to smell. Not that you can buy the other two retired scents anymore, but my second favorite was from BBW and my least favorite was from YC. I hope this has helped you decide what type of key lime fragrance you’re looking for and will help validate a worthy purchase!

Where is your favorite key lime pie scent from? Share in the comments!

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