June 2017 Candle Empties

June 2017 Candle Empties

It’s official, June was the month I got out of my melting slump! The month flew by for me and considering how busy I was, I’m happy with what I burned through. I’m a seasonal burner and I don’t really have too many fragrances in my collection for this time of year. Nevertheless, I burned through 2 candles and 8 wax melts in June!

June 2017 Candle Empties

Midnight Blue Citrus (3-wick) I discovered this fragrance last year and still think the beautiful blend of  fresh citrus and maritime waters is the perfect way to kick of the summer months! This candle burned flawlessly and threw around an 8. I hope BBW keeps this in there lineup!
Key Lime Pie (3-wick) On cold, this failed test scent smells like a key lime cheesecake with undertones of a graham cracker crust. However, when burning the crust note dissipates and the creaminess of they key lime becomes powdery. I still enjoyed the candle but can understand why it failed. I didn’t have any burn issues and it threw around a 7.

June 2017 Wax Empties

Midnight Blue Citrus (x2) These wax melts smelled just as great as the candle but weren’t that strong and didn’t last too long. It was great to melt alongside the candle but I’d honestly never pick these melts up full price.
Simply Lime – This was a straight up lime fragrance from Scentsy that is now retired. It reminded me bit of a cleaning product so I had to blend it with Vanilla Cookie Crunch. Even those two scents mixed together wasn’t all that impressive. I wouldn’t recommend this at all.
Vanilla Cookie Crunch – A classic fragrance that I always have on hand to blend with other fragrances. It always performs wonderfully and I highly recommend it.
Sevn’ Up Pound Cake (x2) This fragrance from Wax Crumbles was not how I remembered it. It’s sweet with a hint of lime and a strong powder note. It definitely amped up the KLP candle but it’s odd that these fragrances are smelling like powder – is it my nose?!
Southern Sweet Tea (x2) This straight up smells like a peach tea that would quench your thirst in the summer. It was a great sweet fruity fragrance to kick off the season but it’s just not really my type of scent. I’d recommend it but wouldn’t repurchase.

June 2017 Fragrance Empties

Cucumber Melon (wallflower) A sweet cucumber fragrance that I purchased mainly for my fiancé. It was fairly light and for some reason in my kitchen gave off a weird scent. (I’ve since tried other wallflowers and find that it’s my kitchen and not the wallflower – so weird!)
Pomegranate Lemonade (wallflower) Another sweet and slightly tart fragrance that was extremely light. I was never impressed with this fragrance in candle form either and don’t entirely care they didn’t bring it back.
Midnight Blue Citrus (wallflower) An absolutely amazing performer! It was the strongest out of all the form factors and I could smell it throughout the entire second floor of my home. Will continue to repurchase as long as BBW carries it.
Lemon Buttercream (hand sanitizer) Do you remember the last few months when I said this scent in the soap form was astringent? Oddly enough, the hand sanitizer was SO sweet; I loved it!
Bonjour Paris (body cream) This body care fragrance quickly became one of my favorites. The sweet scent has notes of marshmallow, candied orange, and almond making you smell like a macaron! I’ve got plenty of this stocked up but highly recommend you pick some up at SAS before they run out.

All together, I enjoyed the fragrances that filled my home in June. Midnight Blue Citrus was definitely my favorite of the month but I think I’m a bit sick of it at this point. I’m excited to move onto some fresh garden fragrances in July and will be sharing a burn list with you soon!

What did you burn in June? Share in the comments!

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