July 2017 Candle Empties

July 2017 Candle Empties

Wow, July went by in a blur! Between finalizing wedding details and starting a new freelance gig, I don’t know where the rest of my time went. Even though it was another busy month for me, I managed to get through a good portion of my stash! I burned through 6 candles and 10 wax melts in July!

July 2017 Candle Empties

Salted Oak Bonfire (3-wick) On cold, I was a little weary of this scent because it had a slight perfume note reminding me of body care. When burning it totally transformed though and was very reminiscent of the beloved Summer Bonfire from 2015. It performed beautifully until there was only 1/4 left and then went to the melter. Throw was almost a 9 and it traveled throughout the majority of the house!
Watermelon Lemonade (1-wick) This little “Try Me” candle was horrible when burning. Between the tunneling and throw that reminded me of a Yankee, I ended up putting it on the melter. However, once transferred to the melter it threw really well for a couple days!
Sunlit Garden (3-wick) A lighter floral note that reminded me of early summer mornings from my childhood! While this candle brought on the nostalgia, it only threw around a 5 and didn’t travel. When put on the melter it sadly didn’t perform any better.
Tomato Vine (3-wick) This was another nostalgia candle for me and I surprisingly love fresh garden scents like this. It smelled of garden greens and fresh tomatoes still on the vine! It threw around a 6 but was only detectable within the same room it was burning in. Unfortunately this was another candle that barely gave off any fragrance when put on the melter.
Sea Grass (3-wick) I am SO happy BBW brought back their Snap Peas scent and renamed it! It’s such a beautiful blend of fresh but sweet greens with a clean base note. This threw around an 8 but didn’t travel very far. I have a few more back-ups that I will definitely cherish.
Autumn Sunshine (1-wick) To be honest, I don’t even bother burning these little guys anymore and just put them straight on the melter. This smelled like a slightly citrus woodsy fragrance – it really was more of a cologne scent for me. I definitely enjoyed it though within my small bathroom!
Olive Oil & Thyme (1-wick, DNF)  This was a really unique scent that I was excited to try out. Unfortunately, like most Yankee’s this barely threw, if at all. It also burned very odd making the wax looked like brains which kind of grossed me out. I ended up donating it to my BFF who I hope will enjoy it more than me!

July 2017 Wax Empties

Bonfire Beach – For anyone who tried BBW’s Summer Bonfire candle a couple years back and misses it, this wax melt from Scentsy is almost an exact dupe! It essentially smells like marshmallow fireside with sea salt air and citrus mixed in. It’s beyond lovely and I always want to have more bars stocked up at all times!
Watermelon Buttercream (DNF) On cold, this smelled like watermelon chapstick which didn’t impress me. However, when melting it transformed into a delicious watermelon frosting that fragranced the entire house. Unforutnatley there was a black residue within this formula ruining my melting dishes so I didn’t even use the last 2 cubes.
Suntan – This scent smells like a blend of citrus and coconut that is a dupe for legitimate sunscreen that you’d use at the beach. It was pretty strong but I’m not crazy about my entire house smelling like this (even though it brings back memories).
Cane Sugar Root Beer (DNF) I had high hopes for this melt but the issue was it smelled like root beer. I never thought I’d have an issue with this scent until my bedroom smelled like a mix of medicine and soda. I tried remedying it with a combination of that and Vanilla Cookie Crunch, but then it just smelled burnt. Definitely would not recommend or every repurchase anything from this company again.
Blue Raspberry Ice – A true to life popsicle scent that is perfect for the middle of summer! As great of a scent as it is, this Scentsy bar lasted less than 1 day each time which was disappointing.
Salted Pistachio Sorbet – This was a beautiful creamy pistachio fragrance! Originally I thought the saltiness would make this a great summer fragrance but I think this might be better suited for the Winter months.
Pistachio Ice Cream – Another creamy pistachio fragrance that smelled exactly like Better Homes & Gardens version when melting. I really did enjoy this too but it just didn’t seem to be the right season for it.
Basil (x2) – A true to life basil scent that smells just like it’s title. This was nice melting it alongside the garden themed candles but had to be mixed with Fresh Baked Bread to lessen the sharp herbal note. Unfortunately, Kringle seemed to have retired this fragrance.
Fresh Baked Bread – This is an amazing buttery bread scent but is odd to smell all by itself in your home. Like I previously mentioned, I mixed this with Basil and got a really nice herbal bread fragrance but I’m not sure I’ll pick it up again.

July 2017 Fragrance Empties

Boardwalk Vanilla Cone (hand soap) My absolute favorite soap for the summer! It truly smells like vanilla ice cream packed inside a waffle cone (trust me, I worked in an ice cream shop for 4 years). This year’s version unfortunately was not as strong as years past and didn’t linger at all.
Watermelon Lemonade (hand soap) We all know what this basic scent that BBW brings back in every form smells like. While this fragrance doesn’t really impress me anymore the soaps scent did linger for a little while which I appreciated.
Pumpkin Berry Crumble (hand soap) This may have been my favorite soap of the month! If you smelled BBW’s recent Berry Waffle Cone candle, this smells almost just like it. There’s no pumpkin in here (naturally) but it is a wonderful berry bakery scent that lingered for a long time after using.
Watermelon Lemonade (body cream) I’m shocked that BBW named this Watermelon Lemonade because it does not smell like their traditional WL scent. It’s definitely more of a candied lemon with little to no watermelon. It was a decent body cream but I wouldn’t stock up or repurchase.
Pomegranate Lemonade (wallflower) A sweet yet tart fragrance that was surprisingly stronger than last month’s wallflower, but not by much. I’m happy to have gone through what I have of this fragrance in my collection and wouldn’t repurchase.
Champagne Toast (wallflower) This sweet citrus scent was strong when first plugged in but quickly faded out within a couple days. For such an amazing scent this was such a letdown and I just hope my other backups perform better.
Funnel Cake (wallflower) One of the strongest wallflowers I’ve had in a while! In some areas of my home it smelled funky which was odd and I had to play around with positions. Once I found the “right spot” it threw like a champ until the very last drop of oil.

While I focused on fresher garden fragrances this past July, I did also manage to fit in some sweet scents as well! My favorite candle of the month was definitely Salted Oak Bonfire and my favorite wax melt was Bonfire Beach. If I could only burn those 2 fragrances each summer I absolutely would! It truly was a great month of melting but I’m beyond excited for what I’m planning to melt in August!

What did you burn in July? Share in the comments!

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