January 2017 Candle Empties

January 2017 Candle Empties

This January proved to be an interesting start to 2017. We had tons of warm days, our move was pushed farther into the year, and I ended up getting pretty sick. I’m also officially working from home again so with all of this in mind you’d think I would be burning through tons of my stash, right? Wrong. I don’t know how it happened but I somehow cut down my melting without trying or wanting to. All together this January, I burned 7 candles and 8 wax melts.

January 2017 Candle Empties

Champagne Toast (1-wick) – I always enjoy kicking off the new year with this refreshing scent, but the mini candle was very light in comparison to the large 3-wick. Nevertheless, I still enjoyed it and will always have back-ups in my collection.
Alpine Chalet (1-wick) – Imagine sitting my the fire bundled in a cozy wool blanket with a cup of chai tea and then taking in a big whiff of your surroundings. That is what this candle smells like on cold. It’s very warm and comforting, however didn’t throw at all when burning OR on the candle melter. If you see this at your local Yankee Candle outlet, don’t bother picking it up.
Sparkling Amber (3-wick) – This is a straight up amber candle and was so strong I had an allergic reaction. Around the half-way point it got puny wicks and I could only stand to put it on the warmer once after that. Not a disappointment, just not my type of fragrance.
Tiramisu Macaron (3-wick) – Don’t let this candle fool you, there is no macaron notes detectable. It is however a pretty realistic tiramisu fragrance and threw around an 8. The downfall is that it burns so quickly that you only get about 3-4 short burn before it hits the bottom. Definitely not worth the higher Woodwick prices.
Ski Lodge (3-wick) – To me, this is the ultimate after-Christmas winter fragrance. It is so woodsy yet sweet and exactly what I imagine a ski lodge to smell like. I did notice that I’m only a major fan when there is snow outside – when it was sunny or just raining I didn’t care for it. It throws at an amazing 10 and I luckily still have a few back ups for snowy days to come!
Whiskers on Kittens (1-wick) – This is a clean winter fragrance with notes of sandalwood and vanilla. It is definitely more fresh than sweet and perfect this time of year. It only threw around a 4 in my small kitchen but when I put it on the melter it was fairly strong. If YC ever re-released this I would probably pick it up again.
Vanilla Chai (1-wick) – For some reason I associate chai with this time of year so this fragrance was perfect. It had a base of vanilla, mid-notes of a traditional chai tea, and a top note of cinnamon. On cold the cinnamon was a bit too much which worried me but that thankfully didn’t come through when burning. It only threw around a 4 unfortunately but got a bit stronger again on the melter. While I enjoyed this, I probably wouldn’t need to have it in my collection again.

January 2017 Wax Empties

Pink Currant & Birchwood – I’m not an expert on woodsy fragrance, but this smelled like BBW’s Winter to me with a hint of sweetness. It definitely was a nice way to transition out of the Christmas scents. Nothing spectacular and I wouldn’t repurchase.
Cashmere Cream – This was a cozy & clean scent with notes of sandalwood and amber. It didn’t really throw well and left a dark residue on my melters causing the wax to smoke. Because of this hazard I didn’t finish a full clamshell and returned my backup.
Cozy Chai – An amazingly strong and authentic chai scent that threw at a perfect 10. It was a bit cloying and I ended up mixing it with Vanilla Cookie Crunch to tone it down – highly recommend this combination! I do already have a backup but don’t plan on stocking up anymore.
Sunday Morning Pancakes – This is an absolute delicious maple pancake scent with a hint of saltiness. Every year we burn this in some form on weekend mornings in January only. The wax melt form was great but only lasted about 4-5 hours (I’m assuming because it was old). If I could find this again in stores I would pick it up in a heartbeat.
Bundled in Blankets – Imagine taking out the coziest blankets you own from your cedar closet and combining that with a nice after shave or cologne. That’s what this scent combination smells like and it was great! I melted this mainly in my bedroom and just 2 cubes lasted 2+ days. While I enjoyed this, it’s another I probably wouldn’t get again based on my preferences.
Mochadoodle – For any other Scentsy fans out there, you know this scent is hyped up and a staple. I really don’t get it though. To me, this doesn’t smell like chocolate or coffee. More like a stale piece of sweet candy. Is this supposed to be a mixing fragrance? I ended up combining this with Vanilla Cookie Crunch as well which made it somewhat enjoyable. Definitely wouldn’t repurchase!
Vanilla Cookie Crunch – We all know about this delicious fragrance! I finished up another value pack this month and immediately purchased another.
Peanut Butter Sugar – This is the perfect combination of sweet & salty that I never want to be without!

January 2017 Fragrance Empties

Winter (wallflowers) – It’s no secret that the quality of wallflowers has been rapidly declining over the past couple of years. However, the 2 Winter wallflowers I plugged in performed great. I actually smelled the fragrance all month and it evaporated to the very bottom.
Winter (hand soap) – I’ve always loved this scent in the past as a hand soap, however this year it wasn’t very strong so I’m glad I didn’t stock up.
Golden Autumn Day (hand cream) – This is a refreshing fragrance with undertones of apple that I’ve been using since September. The scent is long-lasting once applied and the product works great. Super happy to have found more of this at SAS.

For the most part, I did enjoy what I melted this month and am glad to have made a dent in the fresher scents in my collection. While I wish I had burned more, I did get through everything on my burn list except for one small candle that I’ll be finishing next month. Speaking of February, I’m excited to get into some more sweet bakery scents again!

What did you burn through in January? Share in the comments below!

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