First Scentsy Score

First Scentsy Score

During June, there were a couple unofficial lists of Fall scents testing and coming back to BBW. My absolute favorite, Radiant Red Maple, never popped up on any of these lists. I started really freaking out because I never bothered to buy more than one in 2015 and couldn’t find it during SAS. So when I heard that Scentsy had an exact dupe, I clearly had to give it a try.

I’ve known about Scentsy for quite some time, but the higher prices and consultant based shopping always turned me off. Finding out about the RRM dupe was a total game changer though. My fiancé and I browsed the site, and purchased a small haul of things to try out.

First Scentsy Score - Apple S'mores - Radiant Red Maple Dupe

I purchased three Scentsy bars – 2 Apple S’mores (the dupe) and 1 Bonfire Beach. To my delight, Apple S’mores smells EXACTLY like Radiant Red Maple. Bonfire Beach is pretty comparable to BBW Summer Bonfire with a bit more freshness and citrus. I’m excited to see how strong this brand’s fragrance throws soon and will definitely give a more in-depth review.

We also purchased a Scentsy Buddy – a cuddly stuffed animal that holds fragrance packs. The company was offering a shark buddy that we couldn’t pass up, especially since it came with a free scent pack! After asking Norma’s FB group which scents I should try out, Luna was a clear winner. Luna is a very fresh & floral, almost soapy, scent which is enjoyable. I’m really impressed with the quality of the Scentsy buddy and how well the fragrance comes through.

First Scentsy Score - Steve the Shark - Scentsy Buddy

Even though I only did a mini haul, I can understand the hype around Scentsy. I’m obviously going to be stocking up big time on the Radiant Red Maple dupe and getting more scent packs for my shark buddy soon! 😉 Have you ever purchased anything from Scentsy and if so, what’s your favorite scent? Share in comments!




Hi Michelle!
Is there a difference between the White Barn candles vs. the regular BBW 3 wicks? Your blog is great especially since I gravitate toward the same type of scents. Thanks to you I’m all stocked up on my Radiant Red Maple dupes from Yankee.


Thank you so much, Shelby! There is no difference between White Barn and BBW candles that I’m aware of. Sometimes WB will have exclusive or get candles before regular BBW’s, but that’s about it. Enjoy your Radiant Red Maple dupes 😀


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