First Ever YC Glitch Haul

First Ever Yankee Candle Glitch Haul

For the past 7 months, I’ve heard of these infamous glitches that Yankee Candle and Bath & Body Works occasionally have. Essentially, the store starts a new sale but the back end of their website hasn’t caught up. When these glitches occur, you can haul a ton of candles for an insanely cheap price. If you’re quick enough that is. Anytime I’ve heard about a glitch, I’m an hour late to the party and it’s already been fixed. But, this past Monday I was FINALLY able to take part in my first glitch purchase from YC and saved a total of $39! Here are the three scents I bought and my reaction to them on cold sniff.

Bakery Air – Just as the name of this candle states, this truly is a bakery scent. The actual scent description includes notes of creamy butter, maple extract, pecans, cinnamon, clove, and vanilla. To tell you the truth, I mainly pick up on the cinnamon. Hopefully once this is burning the scent will round itself out.

Caramel Pecan Pie – Let’s be honest, I love anything and everything fall related, so I had no doubt I would love this scent. But it is SO light on cold that I can barely detect it. I’ll still give this a chance, but I’m not setting my hopes too high for a stronger candle when burning.

Storm Watch – I normally am not a fan of fresh scents, but this one smells wonderful! It reminds me of both a misty Summer morning and how the air smells after a rain storm. I’m excited to light this up within the next month; hopefully YC will still have large jars in stock if I really like it!

Be on the look out for more detailed post-burn reviews of these in the coming months. I don’t have too many Yankee Candles in my collection so I’m happy this glitch brought some newness into my life! Have you ever burned any of these? If you have, tell me what you think of them in the comments!

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