Fall Fun Series | Sweater Weather

Fall Fun Series | Sweater Weather | Autumn Fashion

With Autumn officially upon us, it’s time to bundle up because it’s starting to get chilly out there! In my area it’s definitely sweater weather and I just love it so much. Today we’re going to forgo any talk about candles and instead focus on some of my favorite fall fashion trends!

As the temperature drops I always seem to gravitate towards the same items which I consider to be my fall staples. First, we of course have cozy sweaters and flannels in every warm color you can imagine. Then we have riding boots in multiple colors to compliment any outfit and to keep your legs toasty. We also can’t forget accessories such as scarves and fuzzy socks to finish off any look!

Fall Fun Series | Sweater Weather | Autumn Fashion Essentials

Now that you’ve seen some of my personal fashion favorites, it’s time to give you a quick glimpse of some of my OOTD’s using these pieces. I usually dress up my sweaters with a chunky necklace and some sort of booties to go for that casual chic look. If it’s really cold outside, usually in the morning, it’s always great to have a go-to jacket. My hunter green one is the perfect weight for fall and has the cutest gold accents. My personal style is definitely more about comfort though which is pretty obvious by my last outfit. I am sort of a graphic tee hoarder and love pairing them with cute plaids!

Fall Fun Series | Sweater Weather | Autumn OOTD

While I have many reasons to adore Autumn, the comfy clothing makes it even more special. There’s nothing better than putting an extra-large sweater on, lighting a candle, and cuddling up with a book. I may not be the most fashionable but I like to think I have a decent style, even if it is super casual!

What is your favorite item to wear in the fall? Share in the comments!

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Jay Sheldon

Sweet layouts! It’s safe to say, I adore your layers. (wish I could wear the cute scarves, but now I get too warm, hot flashes are no joke ladies) Your style sings of New England, country and a little equestrian vibe, happy to see the Chucks too.


Thanks, Jay! If I wasn’t cold 98% of the time I probably wouldn’t be able to wear scarves either 😉


Comfort all the way. I think that’s what I love most about fall – oversized sweaters, tees, a simple pair of leggings. It’s all so cute and comfortable. Dressing them up is fun now and then, too!


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