Fall Fun Series | Seasonal Wrap-Up

Fall Fun Series | Seasonal Wrap-Up

We have reached the last Saturday of November which also means we have reached the finale of the Fall Fun Series. It has been an absolute honor participating alongside the other lovely ladies all Autumn long! I’ve truly enjoyed starting out my weekends by reading everyone’s blogs and will continue doing so from this point on. To wrap up the series, I’ll be discussing the overall wax varieties offered during this fall season and where certain companies could make improvements going forward.

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First and foremost, let’s discuss one of the larger retailers featured on my blog – Bath & Body Works. This company is usually the queen of fall yet this year they really let us down. Aside from the core White Barn candles, BBW only offered two small collections that both featured the same scents. There were only 3-4 new fragrances and they weren’t anything to go crazy over. Rather than giving us 4+ collections like they usually do, they decided to release an essential oil line and move straight into Winter at the beginning of October. This was a major mis-step, leading to hardly any purchases from me; I really hope they revert back to their traditional fall lineups going forward.

Fall Fun Series | Seasonal Wrap-Up

In terms of wax, I don’t tend to buy much from vendors and can’t speak for any of their small businesses. What I do tend to purchase quite often though is Scentsy, yet I haven’t done a single haul this fall. The company discontinued some of their best scents, didn’t release anything intriguing for the season, and honestly offers their festive fragrances a month too late in the year. Again, another letdown, especially for their prices and ship time.

Finally, we can’t forget to discuss Wal-Mart’s collection! This was probably the most vast on the mainstream market and had the most variety. At $2 a pop for clamshells, this is honestly the most affordable option, especially if you want to try multiple fragrances. The company really hit it out of the park this season and I found 3 brand new fragrances that quickly made it into my favorites! Harvest Moon, Moonlit Magic Pumpkin, and Pumpkin Patch Maze were absolutely incredible and I highly suggest checking them out while they’re still on the market!

Autumn 2017 may not have been the best year for buying candles or wax, but otherwise is was pretty great. I will always cherish this experience and hold other special memories close to my heart. If you’re new here, make sure to go check out the other posts from this series, here!

What did you think of the candles & wax offered this Fall? Share in the comments!


Jay Sheldon

Okay, I have learned that I’m not in the mainstream on a lot of scent preferences, mine is fresh which isn’t super abundant during Fall. However, I have loved so many scents this season, including the Essential Oil collection from B&BW. Sometimes, I appreciate a simple, beautiful fragrance and to me, those have it. As far as Walmart, the prices make it so worth experimenting, but I didn’t see a single new scent that made me want to go into Walmart:/ I think I’m going to grab a holiday scent if I can though, did you like Candy Cane Marshmallow or any of the frosty pines?

Michelle, I have enjoyed getting to know you better through the series, the honor was mine. <3<3 Well done on completing the FFS, oh and BTW, getting married in there too;) Thank you so much for being a good sport and I hope we can do this again sometime. I must admit, I'm ready for the Winter.

Sandra Lewrey

And a very happy end of Fall/end of Series to you, too, Michelle. I was echoing some of Jay’s sentiments on my own blog – you are the series MVP, hands down! The rest of us flaked off here there and everywhere, and you kept going even during your wedding! For shame, for shame, I’m sorry we left you alone too many weeks.

In total agreement on the BBW front, however – where was everything this year? All of the Fall/Halloween offerings were mostly gone and discounted by the beginning of October. Now I know why – to make room for the winter stuff (which…is also not so hot? I really don’t care for any of the designs they’ve released this year.)


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