Candle Melting 101

If you have never melted a candle, rather than burning it, you are missing out! Melting is not only hassle-free but comes with some serious benefits. I purchased my candle warmer in March and since then it has changed my life! (My super important wax-loving life that is.)

There are different types of candle warmers; some look like hot plates while others a small croc. I have a “hot plate” warmer that also came with a dish to melt wax in. You can find these fairly cheap on Amazon and sometimes on sale at Yankee Candle.

Candle Melting 101

There are MANY benefits to candle warmers. Not only will this method provide a much stronger throw, but it will also make the candle’s fragrance last longer too. I usually burn my candles until they start having problems; at the first sign of soot, I put my candle on the warmer. Once on the warmer, your candle will have an even pool and overall become less messy. The best part is that you can leave your candle melting while you’re not home!

Please do keep in mind that if you melt a candle, you can never burn it again. The wicks will release off the bottom of the jar and will not perform as they should anymore. Also, don’t light your candle while it’s on the warmer. That creates the risk of the glass jar overheating and shattering.

Candle warming is very hassle-free and ultimately more enjoyable in my opinion. Do you melt your candles? Share your thoughts to this method in the comments!

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