Burn List – July 2017

Burn List July 2017

Happy July everyone! I’m so happy to finally be settled enough to start creating monthly burn lists again. This month I’m going to be focusing on both fresh garden fragrances and salty beach scents. Both of these scent profiles are the epitome of summer to me and I just can’t get enough of them during this time of year.


• Salted Oak Bonfire – “Wave-Washed Oak, Glowing Embers, Sea Spray”
• Watermelon Lemonade – “Watermelon Ice, Sparkling Water, Meyer Lemon”
• Sea Grass – “Sweet Island Sugarcane, Rustling Sea Grass, Sparkling Clear Water”
• Tomato Vine – “Sun-Kissed Tomato Leaves, Fresh Spring Greens, Hint of Lemon”
• Autumn Sunshine – “Chilled Orange, California Mandarin, Golden Amber, Green Fir Needle”


• Bonfire Beach – “Toasted marshmallow smoldering over white flint and sandalwood harmonize with salty sea air and ocean spray”
Cane Sugar Root Beer – “Aromatic root beer cascades over lavish scoops of French vanilla ice cream as its gossamery foam overflows your glass”
• Blue Raspberry Ice – “Sweet cherry, icy white lemon, and blue raspberry”
• Watermelon Buttercream – A sweet blend of juicy watermelon and rich buttercream frosting
• Suntan – “Orange Blossoms, Bright Citrus, Soft Coconut Husk”
• Fresh Baked Bread – “The perfect blend of homey, delicate sweetness and yeasty earthiness that only oven-hot, crusty loaves can offer.”
• Basil – Fresh cut basil straight from the garden

At our new place we don’t have a lawn yet let alone a garden, so it’ll be really nice to get some of those fresh fragrances into our lives that we’re currently lacking. Depending on how quickly I burn through my other candles, I may bust out Sunlit Garden and Olive Oil & Thyme as well. I’ll probably take out Tailgating for the Fourth of July and possibly finish off the month with some sweet pistachio ice cream fragrances too. Seeing how small my past several empties have been I didn’t want to overwhelm myself this month and only dedicate myself to the above list.

What are you planning on burning this month? Share in the comments!

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