April 2016 Candle Empties

Hey, melters! April was the month of constant burning for me as you can tell by the empties photo. I really wanted to start making my way through some older candles in my stash, especially if they had been previously burned. I’m proud in a way to see how much I actually got through; I’ve never melted so much within one month in my life!

April 2016 Candle EmptiesParis Lavender Macaron (3-wick candle) – So far in 2016, this is my favorite candle that BBW has released. It’s definitely not everyone’s cup of tea, but I adore it. If you’ve ever smelled the companies Black Currant Vanilla scent, this is a lighter version with a bakery note. In my opinion it’s lovely but due to some sooting I had to finish it on the warmer.

Raspberry Peach Macaron (3-wick candle) – It was a sad day when I finished this scent off on the candle warmer. This was one of the best candles BBW ever came out with in Spring of 2014. Why they haven’t brought it back baffles me. If they ever do, I will be hoarding about 20 of these beauties.

Pumpkin Pecan Waffle (3-wick candle) – Any wax connoisseur knows all about PPW and how well it performs time and time again. I finished off my Fall 2014 edition on the candle warmer and it was wonderful.

Blueberry Muffin (1-wick candle) – Shawn from Hearth and Soul nominated this as a candle of the year nominee, so of course I had to try it out. The scent was way too light for me, it struggled to pool out correctly, and I could only get whiffs of it in my bathroom. Not a scent I want to smell in my bathroom. If I ever gave this fragrance a chance again it would be in melt form.

Lavender Macaron (3-wick candle) – This was a nice scent from Woodwick, but it only threw in my small bathroom. Even more disappointing was that I only burned this twice before the candle became empty. I would never purchase this again; at least I’ve got the cute dish to repurpose though!

Lavender Lemonade (1-wick candle) – I picked this little guy up from Target a couple years back. It was very refreshing but I can’t say it was anything too special.

Lemon Drops (1-wick candle) – This was another one of the fragrances from BBW’s 2014 Spring line. It was a nice background scent that I had on a warmer in my bedroom. I’m not mad it hasn’t made it back into stores since then.

April 2016 Wax Empties

Iced Lemon Sugar Cookies (wax melt) – This was one of those scents that smelled great on cold but I hated when burning. I tried mixing it with the beloved Vanilla Cookie Crunch, but that didn’t help much. With so many other great lemon scents out there, I wouldn’t bother picking this up again.

Sugared Lavender Twist (wax melt) – This was a really nice scent that threw great in my bedroom. With that being said, it wasn’t anything spectacular. I’m not sure I’ll be stocking up on this anytime soon.

Iced Lemon Poundcake (wax melt) – Now this lemon scent was AMAZING. I actually hated it on cold, but when it warmed up it was magnificent. Especially when mixed with Vanilla Cookie Crunch. Wow, just wow. You need to pick this one up at Wal-Mart ASAP; I’m definitely stocked and ready for next Spring already!

Vanilla Lime (wax melt) – For some reason, I was craving a key lime scent this month. Vanilla Lime from YC was a quick fix and threw quite well. I’m not rushing to buy it in candle form though.

Sugared Lemons (wallflower) – For a wallflower in my living room, this performed great. I got whiffs of it throughout the month and it blended well with everything else I was melting.

Fresh Water & Sea Salt (wallflower) – I had no idea how great this scent was. This was SO strong in my bedroom. I’m a bit upset that it’s no longer available in wallflower form because I’d probably have this plugged in throughout the year. Crossing my fingers it’ll be back later this year!

I think it’s safe to say that April was the month of all things lemon and lavender. I definitely started giving my wax warmers more love and really enjoyed it. My absolute favorite scent this month was Iced Lemon Poundcake mixed with Vanilla Cookie Crunch; I think I could burn this year-round! What did you burn through this month? Share in the comments!

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