2016 Year in Candles

2016 Year in Candles

I’m sure you’re tired of hearing this by now, but 2016 went by way too fast. It seems like just yesterday  Lavender Macaron was still a test candle and I was writing my first post for this blog. I feel that this year held many challenges not just for me, but for most people. In the midst of all of 2016’s obstacles, I’m happy that I had the wax community to turn to. Candles are a positive outlet for me and I’m excited to look back on this part of my life and create a mini year in review!

In 2016 I burned 80 Candles & 88 Wax Melts!

This year I branched out and tried candles from 6+ companies new to me. The most popular being Kringle, Goose Creek, Crossroads, McCall’s, Scentsy, and Wax Crumbles. From each of these companies I tried several different form factors to reach a decision if I would repurchase from them again. Scentsy and Goose Creek are the only two companies that impressed me enough for multiple orders. I had high hopes for Kringle but they let me down the most. The others just weren’t that impressive.

Favorite Scents of 2016

Peanut Butter Sugar
Iced Lemon Poundcake
Funnel Cake
Sparkling Pear Riesling
Apple S’mores

I am so happy to have created this blog in 2016. It may not get a lot of traffic but that’s not the point of it. This is a place to share my love for home fragrance and connect with others that love it just as much. In 2017 I’m going to set a few goals for myself that’ll hopefully improve the content here: blog more/write more reviews, burn 100 candles, and possibly dabble with youtube videos. Enjoy what’s left of 2016 and have a happy new year!

How many candles did you burn this year & what are your melting goals for 2017? Share in the comments!

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