Spring 2017 SAS Haul

Spring 2017 SAS Candle Haul

Like most candle addicts, I was counting down the days for SAS to begin at Bath & Body Works. I’m not exactly sure why since I never find anything exciting in my region. I called around all the stores within 50 miles and not one had any 75% off candles. The closest store that had anything worth buying was a White Barn 1.5 hours away. So we made the trek and luckily found my beloved Chocolate Pistachio along with other fall favorites. I ended up grabbing 7 candles for $30 but was pretty bummed I had to go so far out of my way to get that deal.

Spring 2017 SAS Candle Haul

Prior to making the journey to White Barn, I stopped at my two local BBW stores and grabbed a few small items. They FINALLY had the french candles so I picked up Paris Cafe which is supposedly a dupe for Espresso Bar from back in the day. I personally don’t think this is an exact dupe and am picking up a slight bitter almond note. I’ll still give it a try and burn it since others seem to enjoy this much more than the original EB.

Spring 2017 SAS Candle Haul

All three stores I visited that first day of SAS had $3 tester candles available. I picked up these few scents that I enjoy, but not enough to get the 3-wicks of. I was pretty shocked at the amount of fragrances they had available and would’ve grabbed more if I didn’t just stock up in January. Along with these baby candles, I picked up a couple summer wax melts to use in the next couple months.

While I did find the one candle that I wanted and some other fun items, I just wasn’t all that impressed by the selection and sale prices BBW had to offer. There were some body care items I wanted but at 50% off it’s not the best deal. Unlike years past, I’m not planning on returning again to haul anything else. What do you think about this SAS and did you find any exciting items? Share in the comments!

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