Spring 2017 Candle Collections

Spring 2017 Candle Collections

By mid-January we glimpsed all of the Spring 2017 candle collections from most companies. In my opinion it’s pretty underwhelming. It doesn’t bother me how early in the year we see these scents, it’s the specific fragrances that I have a problem with. Below are the 3 major collections I’ve noticed and my thoughts on them.

Yankee Candle
released a whopping 4 new fragrances for Spring; 2 fresh scents & 2 gourmand. For what it’s worth, this might be one of the better collections they’ve released during this time of year. However, do we really need another floral or fresh scent? Another berry? Another coffee? These fragrances are just good but I was hoping for something great, like the 2016 Cookie Swap Collection.

Bath & Body Works seriously needs to take a step back. Why are they releasing tropical and Summer scents this early? Why did they all together skip Spring? This is by far my favorite candle company but they just don’t release fragrances on a logical timeline. Even their 2-3 bakery scents involve fruits that are ripe in the Summer months.

I normally don’t ever consider Kohl’s a company to look out for in regards to home fragrance. However, they created the best lineup for Spring 2017 so far. They of course have a tropical collection so they can stay competitive with everyone else BUT they actually did a second Spring bakery collection. Finally, someone caught on. A lot of the scents are too light for me, but they released a Key Lime Pie candle and it’s the best I’ve every smelled across all the brands.

What bothers me the most is that I need to buy my Summer candles NOW because by the time I actually want to burn them, they won’t be available to purchase. If these companies paid any attention to their consumers, they’d know that the majority of the wax community is dying for a sweet shoppe collection. Give us bakery & gourmand. It’s okay to be creative and mix floral and bakery OR fruity and bakery. Some of the best Spring candles were Raspberry Peach Macaron and Pink Petal Teacake. Why can’t they reformulate and give us something interesting rather than coconut and berries?

What are your thoughts on the Spring 2017 candle collections? Share in the comments!

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