October 2016 Candle Empties

October 2016 Candle Empties

October, the month of pumpkin everything. It was definitely another busy month for me; between seeing Harry Potter in theaters, visiting the Jack-O-Lantern Spectactular, trying on wedding dresses, carving pumpkins, and doing other Halloween activities I still had a mountain of work to catch up on too. Through all of that I managed to burn 9 candles and 8 wax melts.

October 2016 Candle Empties

Forbidden Apple (1-wick) – This medium jar from Yankee was a disappointment; it only threw at about a 2 and I really didn’t like the lack of visibility due to the black jar. It’s a basic apple scent and I will not repurchase if it sticks around next year.
Pumpkin Spiced Cheesecake (3-wick) – Don’t be fooled, this fragrance does not have any pumpkin notes in it. It is a wonderful spiced cheesecake scent perfect for October. However, half-way through it started smelly really funky and I couldn’t stomach it any longer.
Pumpkin Pie (3-wick & 1-wick) – I burned through 2 large & 1 small jars of this fragrance and it was wonderful while it lasted. I say that because I had to put them all on candle warmers due to poor performance. This is truly the ultimate pumpkin fragrance that I hope always returns.
Pumpkin Pecan Waffles (3-wick) – This scent was definitely altered from past years but I really loved it! It threw great and burned almost the entire way without issues. Not something to stock up on because BBW will always bring this back.
Pumpkin Spice (3-wick) – A fragrance that is almost identical to Pumpkin Pie but lacking the buttery crust note. It only threw at about a 3 and was completely unmemorable.
Pumpkin Cupcake (3-wick) – What a wonderfully spicy vanilla scent that will forever be perfect for this month. It threw great and was strong but eventually had to be put on the warmer.
Pumpkin Buttercream (3-wick) – I absolutely adore this fragrance on cold sniff – it is pretty comparable to Pumpkin Cupcake. However, it barely threw in my small kitchen which was a disappointment.

October 2016 Wax Empties

Caramel Butter – Goose Creek either does scents really good or really bad and this was one of the bad ones. This smelled like burnt caramel and was just repulsive. I was able to slightly save it by mixing it with Vanilla Cookie Crunch but would never re-purchase or recommend.
Cider Mill – On cold sniff, this fragrance didn’t really impress me but it totally transformed while melting. It was pretty comparable to BBW Pumpkin Apple which is a wonderful mixture of all the best Fall scents. This was nice to have in the background but didn’t last very long – I probably wouldn’t repurchase this one either.
Pumpkin Spice Muffin – This truly did smell like a pumpkin muffin on cold sniff, however it lost it’s bakery note while melting. It was still nice but nothing outstanding to spend money on again in the future.
A Thankful Harvest – A 2015 exclusive scent that was amazing! It was a creamy pumpkin apple fragrance that was amped up in comparison to other fragranced like Cider Mill. I really enjoyed this and if it ever came back out I’d stock up on a few.
Cider House Donuts – I talked more about this amazing fragrance last month and couldn’t help melting another clamshell of it before the season was over! I’ll repurchase as long as it’s available.
Pumpkin Cinnamon Ice Cream – While you would expect this to be a creamy fragrance it just smelled like straight up cinnamon. Another disappointment from Goose Creek.
Pumpkin Roll – This was a comparable scent to BBW Pumpkin Cupcake and really amped up that candle. The major difference is that this wax melt actually has a pumpkin note in it. I’ll probably repurchase this fragrance again next year but it’s still not hoard worthy.
Carrot Cake – Last but not least this was my favorite wax melt of the month – a scent that Goose Creek did really great! This smells EXACTLY like a freshly baked carrot cake with a hint of cream cheese frosting. Amazing and 100% stocking up!

October 2016 Fragrance Empties

Pumpkin Spice Cheesecake (wallflower) – Finally a wallflower that released fragrance for an entire  month – too bad it smelled nothing like the candle. This smelled almost like chocolate which is not what I wanted during October.
Pumpkin Pie (wallflower) – Another wallflower that luckily released fragrance all month long and this was the pumpkin pie scent I know and love. Forever a repurchase.
Pumpkin Cupcake (hand soap) – This is one of my favorite fall soaps and smells just like the candle. I will probably repurchase as long as BBW offers it.
Pumpkin Apple Cider (body cream) – I am not a fan of apple body care scents but this was delicious. It was really a cider fragrance that I couldn’t get enough of! If you can still find this in stores I’d pick it up on sale because BBW probably won’t release it again in the future.
Pumpkin Pie (hand sanitizer) – This form of the incredible Pumpkin Pie fragrance was definitely lacking. It smelled strongly of pumpkin but lacked the buttery crust note.

I’ve always looked forward to pumpkin fragrances every year but I think I’ve come to the realization that apple fragrances are much more enjoyable. There were definitely more scents that I didn’t enjoy in October than I did enjoy. I’ll have to keep that in mind for years to come and really narrow down my collection. Looking back on all my empties my absolute favorite was oddly Carrot Cake which although spicy, I associate with January. (It’s my fiancee’s favorite cake and I always make it for his birthday at the beginning of the year.) No matter, I’m looking forward to burning some more outdoorsy fragrances for this upcoming November!

What did you melt in October and what do you plan on burning in November? Share in the comments!

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