Michelle’s Candle Favorites

Melting with Michelle - Candle Favorites

Hello and welcome to my new blog, Melting with Michelle! My candle obsession began back in 2012 when I moved into my first apartment. I started out storing my purchases in a small cubby but by 2014, I transitioned into four bins organized by seasons. Fast forward to 2016 and I’ve been forced to move my candle collection into a large trunk due to it’s vast size.

Up until five months ago, I had no idea there was an entire wax community online that shared their finds and sales. Now, I’m subscribed to numerous YouTube channels and part of several Facebook groups. I finally feel like I’m part of a group of people that finally get me! I’m ready to begin giving my input to this community mainly through this blog.

There are so many different types of fragrances such as bakery, floral, and cologne to name a few. It’ll be important to get an understanding of my preferences to know how they’ll match up with your own. Knowing this will help in determining how seriously you should take my recommendations. Without further ado, here are my candle favorites.

Favorite Types of Candles: Bakery

Favorite Candle Brand: Bath & Body Works

Favorite Season to Burn Candles: Fall

Favorite Candles: BBW Raspberry Peach Macaron, Leaves, and Marshmallow Fireside

I’m very excited to make new candle friends and start sharing with you! I’d like to get to know my readers as well, so answer the same four “candle favorites” questions! Can’t wait to read your comments and learn more about you!

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