March 2017 Candle Empties

March 2017 Candle Empties

March flew by! We didn’t end up moving yet again and did quite a bit of traveling instead. Because of this, I was able to melt through my entire burn list with a few extras too. During this floral transition month, I burned 6 candles and 9 wax melts.

March 2017 Candle Empties

Sugar Flower (1-wick) – Imagine a light vanilla cake with fondant frosting, this candle smells exactly like that with slight undertones of lavender. It was very light and threw around a 2 in my small kitchen. Even when I finished it off on the candle warmer did it only throw around a 4. At this point, I’m done purchasing Pure Radiance candles and only have 1 left in my collection to finish up.
Lavender Macaron (3-wick) – This was a beautiful blend of lavender, bakery, and black currant. When burning, it only threw around a 6 and ended up having PWS. On the candle warmer it threw around an 8. This remains one of my favorite blends BBW ever released and I’m happy to have a few more back-ups!
Champagne Toast (3-wick) – A candle we all know and love, this smells like sweet effervescent tangerines. One of the best burning candles I’ve had from BBW in a while with high flames, a gorgeous wax pool, and a 9 throw. Hoping my other back-ups from this past year will perform just as well!
Mocha Latte Swirl (3-wick) – If you’re looking for a creamy, sweet, coffee scent – this is the one for you! There is a top note of coffee, mid-notes of vanilla and caramel, and a bottom note of cocoa. It threw around an 8 and I wish they’d bring this back!
Tea & Lemon (3-wick) – This fragrance was a wonderful combination of slightly sweetened tea and squeezed lemon. It was a great transition candle that performed extremely well and threw around an 8. I would hands down buy this again if they ever brought it back.
Jelly Beans (1-wick) – A wonderful grape scent with undertones of berry and lemon that unfortunately only threw around a 4. I got this back in 2014 on a super sale and while I enjoyed the actual fragrance, I wouldn’t pick it up again based on the performance.

March 2017 Wax Empties

Rose Soda (x2) – If you are a floral person, you’d probably love this fragrance. It was a generic rose scent that lacked any fizzy soda note like the name suggests. I mixed it with Vanilla Cookie Crunch and it was pretty much undetectable at that point. Ultimately this was a disappointment.
Pink Tulips – Oh my gosh, I really wish Scentsy still sold this fragrance! This past month I tried out florals for the first time and this was hands down my favorite. This was floral and fruity combined which was absolutely lovely throughout my home! If they ever bring this back I will hoard it.
Umbridge – On cold this smells like a rose tea but when warming you get the slightest hint of a salty bakery treat, it was amazing! If I ever want a rose fragrance again in the future, this will be my go-to choice. (Plus it’s Harry Potter themed, what more could you want?)
Pink Velvet (x2) – A wonderful sugary scent with notes of bakery and citrus. A favorite melt of mine that I never want to be without!
Sipping Tea – This is very similar to BBW Tea & Lemon, but a little lighter on the lemon note and has a different type of tea base. Still lovely and very much enjoyable.
Jelly Beans (x2) – I really wanted to amp up the candle with the melt form of the fragrance, but this was too old and unscented. I actually threw out my second Jelly beans and don’t plan on buying anymore Yankee Candle wax melts.

March 2017 Fragrance Empties

Winter Rose (wallflower) – Just like the candle, this smells like a straight up rose scent. The fragrance didn’t travel far but did last until the oil evaporated half-way through the month.
Lavender Macaron (wallflower) – I didn’t have high hopes for this wallflower based on bad reviews. However I was able to smell it throughout the entire month in the close vicinity of the actual plugin.
Cotton Blossom (hand soap)
 – This was a repackage of Sea Island Cotton which is my favorite hand soap. It’s fresh, clean, and the scent lingers for hours. Hands down will always repurchase this fragrance no matter what it is called!
Lemon Buttercream (hand soap) – Last year, everyone was hyping this fragrance up so I purchased a few without actually using it. That was a mistake because this smells like a sweetened alcohol. There’s hardly any lemon fragrance and the astringent alcohol note lingers on your hands.
Merry Cookie (hand sanitizer) – I’ve been working on this little guy since December and the worst part, I wasn’t impressed by the scent. Sure, it’s a typical sweet and sugary fragrance. But mixed with the alcohol it just didn’t smell “right” and I wanted to wash my hands after using it.

While I enjoyed almost everything I melted this month, the outstanding favorite was Umbridge by Super Tarts. I’m happy to be moving on from florals this upcoming month and focusing on fresh citrus scents!

What did you burn through in March? Share in the comments!

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Lots of yummy this past month! Looks like you got a lot melted/burned through so good for you. Now I gotta ask, how old is that Umbridge because that clamshell..whoof! It is majorly stained with oils and dyes. ha-ha. Out of my clammies I haven’t had any do that yet but if I keep them around enough they may. I am happily stocking up on a little ST collection, slowly but surely. Tempting me more and more with needing to try Umbridge
Glad to hear that you have a little bit better luck with Yankee than I seem to have. I must have some kind of Yankee curse.
For candles, don’t get me wrong I love them especially during the fall and winter months but I think after I get through my collection I will mostly go for wax melts unless I get a hankering for the occasional candle.


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