Fragrance Review – Peanut Butter Sugar

Goose Creek Peanut Butter Sugar Fragrance Review

I am super late to jump on the Goose Creek bandwagon but am nevertheless happy to have discovered the brand. Since placing my first order in April, I’ve melted 5 different scents and each have been enjoyable. My favorite fragrance from Goose Creek so far is Peanut Butter Sugar. While this isn’t anything new, it’s an amazing discovery that has made it’s way into my all-time favorite scents.

What does this smell like? Together warm vanilla, salty peanuts, and a “buttery” bakery note are combined which results in a deliciously sweet scent. The balance of fragrances is divine and I haven’t smelled anything similar elsewhere. Overall appeal is an 8 on cold but 10 when burning.

Goose Creek Peanut Butter Sugar Fragrance Review

Does it throw? I first tried out this scent in my office area where it only threw around a 4. Disappointed, I stopped burning it for a few weeks. I gave it another chance in my bedroom and what a different it made. In this smaller confined space Peanut Butter Sugar threw around a 9.

This salty-sweet fragrance is getting filed into my 2016 favorites. I will absolutely be re-purchasing more wax melts during the next sale and may even try my first Goose Creek candle in this scent! Have you ever burned Peanut Butter Sugar? Share your thoughts on this scent in the comments!

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